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Action Alert

Is there any link between the photo accompanying this article and the headline itself?

Absolutely not but PerthNow would have you believe there is.

A few days ago, they published an article about Syrian and Russian claims that Israeli jets hit an airbase In Syria. But the photo that accompanied the piece was photo of young children being treated in Syria after a suspected chemical attack a few days earlier.

This chemical incident had absolutely nothing to do with Israel and yet by linking this horrific photo to a story about an accusation aimed at the Israelis, the publication would like you to believe they are linked.It leaves the readers with the false impression that Israel was responsible for killing or injuring Syrian children.

President of the ZFA, Dr. Danny Lamm AM sent a letter to the editor of Perth Now asking them to immediately change this inaccurate and inflammatory linkage between the two events by removing the photo.

The Editor responded very quickly informing the ZFA that “the content that appears on the site was written and produced by the Australian Associated Press. It is automatically ingested on to PerthNow.” She continued that she does not agree with the assumption “that people would come to the conclusion that Israel was responsible for the gas attacks. Anyone who reads the story, or has paid any attention to what has occurred in Syria over the past week would know that the gas attack is believed to have been carried out by Syrian forces.”

Unfortunately, she has not taken into account how the article appears when it is shared on Facebook and Twitter, in a world where people look at the picture and the headline and move on. Additionally, it would have been very easy for Perth Now to simply replace the photo as a matter of goodwill.

Our good friends at HonestReporting have written more about how the media failed around the world with these images and along with the ZFA, they are urging Australians to contact Perth Now to have their say and ask for the photo to be changed – news@perthnow.com.au

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Environmental War in Gaza 


Last Friday, Palestinians in Gaza protested at the border with Israel for the second week in a row, but this time, they stockpiled thousand of tyres which they then burnt at the border in order to blur the view for Israeli soldiers. Under a screen of smoke, rioters then tried to infiltrate the border into Israel.

For those that might defend this form of “resistance”, I wonder if they have considered the environmental implications of such a tactic? Or considered how the carcinogenic smoke can cause cancer and heart and respiratory issues for the people on both sides of the border? Or the effect it will have on animal and plant life?

Muhammad Hamdan, a spokesman for the PA Transportation Ministry is claimingthat they have been informed by the Israelis that they will be halting the importing of tyres until further notice. He said, “there is no doubt stopping the imports will have a negative effect on Palestinians in Gaza especially considering there is a shortage of them here.”

Surely if the tyres were so dear to them, they would not be burning them on the border and starting an environmental war?

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Swastika flies high on Gaza border

As these photos began to pop up in my newsfeed last weekend, I was distressed to learn that the image was definitely not photoshopped and it was an actual picture taken from images shown on Israeli television from Gaza.

This should come as no surprise to anyone given that Hamas, which has instigated the violence among protesters in Gaza over the last two weeks, is affiliated with the Moslem Brotherhood which aligned itself with Hitler during WW2 and played a role in Eichmann’s final solution for the Jews.

Peace can only come when the Palestinians rid themselves of this scourge.

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If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed about all of the information out there on the Gaza riots, please read this fantastic resource of information including a recap of the events of the last few weeks and the latest updates from HonestReporting.

Yom Hashoah 2018 

This beautiful song was the perfect antidote to the horrific images of swastikas flying high in Gaza.

In Israel, 600 Holocaust survivors and their children, grandchildren and great-grandchild came together in honour of Yom HaShoah to sing this stunning version of “Chai (Alive)”.

“I live, I live, I live – yes I’m still alive!
This is the song my grandfather
Sang yesteryear to my father
And today I [sing]
I’m still alive
The people of Israel live!!”

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I received a request this Yom Hashoah to take the time to display the picture of a child who perished in the Holocaust in order to perpetuate their memory and to tell their personal stories so that they are never forgotten.

This is a photograph of my great-uncle Isaac Skop z”l and his mother, my great-grandmother Hannah Skop z”l.

It seems strange to call this little boy, not much older than my own two sons, my great-uncle. This is the only photo we have of him, and here he is – frozen in time. He never finished school, he was never given the chance to study a language, or fall in love or bring children of his own into the world.

This boy, who had a twin brother named Jacob and a cheeky smile, would never know that his legacy would live on in the far off land of Australia.

In 1942, Isaac was taken along with his mother by the Nazis. My grandmother never saw them either of them again. Isaac was just nine years old.

I would like to believe that his mother, clutching his hand so tightly in this photo, held on to his hand until the very end. Exactly like this, forever frozen in an age long ago gone.

“For the dead and the living, we must bear witness” – Elie Weisel.

May Isaac and Hannah’s memories, as well as the memories of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust be forever blessed.

May Never Again really mean Never Again.

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Jessica Mauboy in Israel 

Earlier in the week, Israel hosted a four-day tour of the country for Eurovision contestants before they head to Lisbon for the competition in early May. Israel’s entry, Netta Barzilai is one of the favourites to win the competition (politics aside!)

Israel Calling hosted performers from 25 of the 43 countries and the trip culminated in a huge live concert at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Singers from the UK, Spain, France, Moldova, San Marino, Latvia, Serbia, Romania, Iceland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Belgium, Armenia, Denmark, Austria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ireland, Switzerland, Georgia and Belarus performed as well as contestants from Muslim-majority countries Azerbaijan and Albania, who will be taking part for the first time.

Australia’s entry to Eurovision, Jessica Mauboy landed in Israel, and posted the following picture on here Instagram:

I reposted the image on the ZFA Facebook page, and while most people loved it, it did draw a little bit of anti-Israel, pro-BDS hate.

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I was quite shocked by all of the hate Jessica received both on our post and elsewhere online. It seems that Israel’s detractors find it difficult when people come to Israel spreading a message of love, like Jessica did, and not ascribing to their hateful worldview.

If only they would listen to the chorus of her beautiful song, which boomed through the streets of Tel Aviv on Tuesday night, perhaps the world would be a more peaceful and understanding place:

“I know, I know what you must be thinking
That we are powerless to change things
But don’t, don’t give up
‘Cause we got love, ’cause we got love”.

Check out the video below. It is wonderful to see the Australian flag light up the Tel Aviv Municipal Hall building behind her, and to see the Israeli crowd give such a warm welcome!

We need to find ways to unite and not divide.

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