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Latest News in Israel – 10th November

The World Hates Us But the Nation of Israel Lives Forever

In order to promote Israeli unity and strength, a trio of leading musicians has released a new song – Am Israel Chai (the Nation of Israel is alive), and it’s great!

This video is a direct response to the hateful BDS movement, UN resolutions and numerous terror attacks that are plaguing Israel.

Times may be tough, but the Israeli desire for life is infinitely stronger. We will not let terror defeat us.

Popular Israeli duo Nati Shauish and Aviram Soukron are joined here by Shai Barak, in a band they are calling JEW2.

Women in the Israel Defense Forces

Our documentary examines how the role of women in the Israeli Defense Force reflects the egalitarian-based society in Israel. In writing, directing, filming, and coordinating this documentary, we connected with a vast range of Israeli soldiers — women, men, Ethiopians, Israelis, young, old — who all shared a passion and pride to defend Israel.”

Palestinian woman brandishing knife is shot dead at checkpoint

Defense Ministry guards shot dead a Palestinian woman who approached them with a knife Monday morning near the West Bank settlement of Alfei Menashe, the Defense Ministry said.

The incident came a day after a stabbing attack in the same area.

Brandishing the blade, the woman advanced toward the guards at the Eliyahu checkpoint. She was shot after she refused to halt, despite being urged to several times by the guards, the Defense Ministry said.

A note written by the woman to her family was later found on her person. Palestinian sources identified her as Rasha Awissi, 23, of Qalqilya.

“I’m ending my path, and I’m reaching this end with my full mental capacity, in defense of my homeland and the young men and women [of my people],” Awissi wrote in the letter. “I can’t bear what I see any longer. All I know is that I can’t take it.

“To my mother and brothers, please forgive me,” she added.

Following the incident, police closed part of Route 55 between Qalqilya and Nablus.

On Sunday a 48-year-old man was seriously injured in a stabbing attack near Alfei Menashe.

According to reports, the man said he had stopped to shop inside the Palestinian village of Nabi Ilyas when he was jumped by two men who stabbed him. The assailants fled the scene.

The victim was able to drive to a nearby IDF checkpoint after he was attacked in the village, which lies along Route 55.

Magen David Adom paramedics attended to the man before he was evacuated to Meir Hospital in the Israeli town of Kfar Saba for further treatment.

On Sunday evening a Palestinian man turned himself in to the Palestinian security forces claiming responsibility for the attack, Channel 10 reported. Israeli authorities were demanding that the Palestinians hand over the assailant for interrogation, the report said.

That attack was the third of the day carried out at West Bank settlements.

A Palestinian woman stabbed a security guard at the entrance to Betar Illit Sunday morning, lightly wounding a security guard, before she was shot and wounded. The attacker was identified as 22-year-old Halawa Alian of Bethlehem. The IDF said she was treated by medics who then evacuated her to a hospital in Jerusalem.

Two hours earlier, a Palestinian rammed his car into Israelis at a bus stop in the northern West Bank, leaving two Israelis seriously injured and two others lightly wounded. The driver was shot and killed.       (Times of Israel)

Border Police officer critically injured in car ramming succumbs to his wounds

A 19-year-old Border Police officer died Sunday evening, succumbing to wounds he sustained in a car-ramming attack near Hebron last week.

Border Police identified the officer as St.-Sgt. Binyamin Yakobovitch. He is survived by his parents, two sisters and a brother.

His family has decided to donate his organs, Border Police said.

Yakobovitch will be buried Monday evening in the military section of the Kiryat Ata cemetery.

Yakobovitch was standing with a group of Border Police officers on the side of Route 60 near the Palestinian town of Halhoul on Wednesday, November 4, when a Palestinian driver approaching a curve sped up and swerved into them. Yakobovitch was treated at the scene in critical condition with extensive internal injuries. The Palestinian driver was shot dead at the scene.                          (Jerusalem Post)

Israel Air Force hits Hamas terror target after rocket lands in Israel

The Israel Air Force attacked a Hamas terrorist target in Gaza a few hours after a rocket hit southern Israel.

The IDF Spokesman said the air strikes were a response to the missile attack, and that it views Hamas as being responsible for all terrorist activities in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier Sunday, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in an open area near the border in Israel Sunday night, the IDF said.

The rocket triggered warning sirens in the Sha’ar Hanegev regional council area. There were no reports of injuries or damage.   (Jerusalem Post)

Teen terror victim gets new bike to celebrate release from hospital

Police on Sunday presented a new bicycle to the teen who was stabbed in a terror attack  while riding his bike  in Jerusalem.

Naor, 13, was in critical condition following the October 12 terror attack, in which he was stabbed nearly a dozen times by Palestinian teens while out riding his bicycle in the city’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood.

At a special ceremony on Sunday evening, arranged by the neighborhood council, local police officers Aryeh Benyunus and Udi Rambah presented the teen with a new bicycle.

Wishing him a full recovery, the Hadashot Hapisga Facebook page proclaimed that “Naor is back in action!”


CCTV footage released by the Israel Police shows Ahmed Manasra, 13, and Hassan Manasra, his 15-year-old cousin, running with their knives still drawn toward a candy store that Naor exits to get on his bicycle.

Seconds later, Ahmed and his accomplice are seen stabbing him in the neck, critically wounding him.

After falling to the ground, Naor was kicked by one of his assailants, before the Palestinian teens flee the scene when a male store patron gives chase.

Ahmed was run over by a vehicle minutes later, while his cousin, who attempted to stab a police officer, was shot and killed.

Within minutes, Ahmed Manasra was rushed to Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem, where he made a full recovery.

However, during a speech on Palestinian television, PA president Mahmoud Abbas claimed Manasra was “executed in cold blood” by “Jewish settlers.”      (Jerusalem Post)

Netanyahu to Obama: Israel has not given up hope for a two-state solution

Israel’s security remains a top priority of the Obama administration amidst a deteriorating security landscape across the Middle East, the president said on Monday, sitting alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office.

Meeting with the Israeli premier for the sixteenth time since taking office in 2009, and for the first time since the successful brokerage of a landmark nuclear deal with Iran over the summer, President Obama said the focus of their discussion would be a future US defense package that will last a decade.

“This is going to be an opportunity for the prime minister and myself to engage in a wide-ranging discussion on some of the most pressing security issues that both our countries face,” Obama said before the meeting. “It’s no secret that the security environment in the Middle East has deteriorated in many areas, and as I’ve said repeatedly, the security of Israel is one of my top foreign policy priorities. And that’s expressed itself not only in words, but in deeds.”

The two also discussed the recent wave of terrorism across Israel and the West Bank, which has claimed dozens of Israeli and Palestinian casualties over the course of the last month.

“We condemn in the strongest terms Palestinian violence against innocent Israeli citizens,” Obama added, noting the recent flareup of violence. “It is my strong belief that Israel has not just the right, but the obligation to protect itself.”

While the president referenced his well-known disagreement with Netanyahu over the nuclear deal, he said that both stood together in their commitment to preventing Iran from ever acquiring nuclear weapons. Netanyahu took the opportunity to thank Obama for his commitment to Israel’s security.

“We’re with each other in more ways than one,” Netanyahu said, praising the US-Israel alliance. “I think its rooted in shared values, and its buttressed by shared interests. And its driven forward by a sense of a shared destiny.”

“We are obviously tested today by the instability and the insecurity of the Middle East,” he continued. “I think this is a tremendously important opportunity for us to work together, to see how we can defend ourselves against this aggression and this terror– how we can role it back. Its a daunting task.”

The prime minister assured Obama that Israel has not given up its hope for peace, saying that he still wishes to see “two states for two peoples, a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes a Jewish state.”

The Israeli government hopes to secure an increase in US aid from the current $3 billion a year to $5 billion.

In the Oval meeting alongside the two premiers was Vice President Joe Biden, the president’s national security advisor Susan Rice and the ambassadors from both nations, Ron Dermer and Dan Shapiro              (Jerusalem Post)

IAI unveils unprecedented radar system as long-range ballistic missile threats increase

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) on Sunday unveiled the TERRA radar system, which is capable of early-warning detection and accurate tracking of very long-range targets.

TERRA has been operating for two years already, in the service of a client that IAI declined to name.

IAI subsidiary ELTA Systems, which has built the radars for all of Israel’s air defense systems, unveiled TERRA at a security facility in southern Israel on Sunday.

The system is made up of two radars: The UTRA UHF band system, which ELTA unveiled earlier this year, and the new SPECTRA S-band system, which ELTA officially introduced to the international market on Sunday.

Moshe Dehokerker, business development department manager, told reporters that SPECTRA is designed for long-range tracking of targets like ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, hostile aircraft, and even satellite movements in space, while ULTRA’s strength lies in autonomously searching, detecting, and classifying incoming threats.

Though they can work separately, the two provide an unprecedented view of incoming threats when linked up, he said.

“TERRA’s enhanced performance is achieved through automatic handover and redundancy between the ULTRA and SPECTRA radars, combined with improved target load sharing, Electronic Counter- Counter Measures (ECCM) and severe-weather resilience,” IAI said in a statement.

Both systems are active electronic scanned array (AESA) radars that can be set up separately, or combined.

Despite their large size and weight, both can be quickly moved and set up, and SPECTRA can be mounted on a moving ship to provide a very large radar coverage area – larger than any other offshore radar system can provide.

SPECTRA can “detect and classify missiles and estimate their impact time,” Dehokerker added.

Together, both systems create a unified “picture of the sky,” he added.

When working in synergy, the systems employ two bands, making them all-weather resilient systems that provide 360-degree coverage.

SPECTRA is able to turn while tracking its targets.

The system comes at a time of increasing long-range ballistic threats from Iran. According to Gal Alon, business development director at ELTA, current Iranian missiles are twice as fast and have double the range, compared to Syrian and Iraqi missile threats 10 to 15 years ago.

TERRA is designed to detect longrange threats as quickly and “as soon as they enter the picture,” he said. TERRA is the most mobile system of its kind in the world, he added.

Officials at ELTA added that two global powers have only begun developing systems with these capabilities.

It took ELTA three years to complete the research and development phase of the project. “This is a huge achievement for us,” said Alon.

A number of potential clients have expressed interest in the system, including in the possibility of installing SPECTRA on a navy ship.   (Jerusalem Post)

White House closes door on Pollard aliyah

US president Barack Obama will not take action to enable Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard to move to Israel following his expected parole in less than two weeks, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communication Ben Rhodes told Israeli reporters in a briefing late Thursday night.

Pollard is set to be released from prison after serving 30 years of a life sentence for passing classified information to an American ally on November 20, the US Parole Commission announced July 28. The conditions of Pollard’s parole have not yet been released but they are expected to include a ban on him leaving the US for five years and he is to be forbidden from giving interviews.

It was still unclear Saturday whether Pollard’s release will take place on Friday November 20 or on Saturday November 21, 30 years since his arrest. Pollard keeps Shabbat but it was unclear whether he will be released Friday to enable him to spend Shabbat outside of prison.

When Pollard’s parole was announced, his lawyers, Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman, wrote that Obama has the constitutional power of executive clemency, which grants him the authority to commute Pollard’s sentence to time served and allow him to leave the United States and move to Israel immediately. They urged the president to exercise that power.

But Rhodes made clear when asked by reporters that Obama would not take such action on Pollard’s behalf, saying that the president does not interfere in American legal procedures.

“President Obama has not intervened in the judicial process here in the United States, and that’s been his consistent approach,” Rhodes said. “With respect to the case of Jonathan Pollard, he’s made clear that he wants there to be fair treatment under the law, as there should be with any individual. But he as President has not intervened in that process. He respects how important this issue is to many Israelis. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Prime Minister raised this. That’s obviously his determination. But again, that’s been the approach that the President has taken.”

Obama has commuted sentences of 89 people during his presidency, more than any American president since Lyndon B. Johnson. He has granted full pardons to another 64 people.

Most of the convicts who received clemency from Obama were drug dealers and thieves. When he has announced commutations, he has said that the sentence of the convicts did not fit their crime. Obama is expected to announce more commutations later this month in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The official Pollard campaign and the caucus for Pollard in the Knesset declined to respond to Rhodes’ comments, saying that they were not new.

“We have made a strategic decision not to intervene at this stage,” said the head of the caucus, MK Nachman Shai. “After he’s out of prison, we can struggle for him to be able to move here.”                              (Jerusalem Post)

Terrorism survivor: I’ll be the first female IDF chief

Visitors keep coming over to see Sergeant Orel Azuri at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel HaShomer. They all want to meet the soldier who was critically wounded in a Gan Shmuel terrorist attack less than a month ago and came back to life.

“I was unconscious for 13 days, sedated and ventilated, teetering on the brink between life and death,” she says. “A miracle just happened to me.”

She can clearly remember the moment she was wounded. “I was in training near Hebron and making my way back to my base in the north. I was waiting at the bus station, and there was an old couple there. I moved so they could sit, while speaking with a friend on the phone. The moment I hung up, the terrorist crashed into me.”


The terrorist, a 20-year-old from Um El Fahem, drove his car into the station Orel was in, ran her over, then exited the car and stabbed three others before being neutralized.

“I felt the blow, and was thrown several meters forward. The terrorist went over me several times with the vehicle, and the next thing I remember is all of the people around me in the hospital, in intensive care. I was in shock. I woke up to a totally different reality,” she says.

At the hospital, Orel was told what happened. “They told me the terrorist saw I was a soldier so he decided to run me over, of all people. The police officers told me he tried to kill me, but you can’t kill me that fast,” she laughs.

Azuri was evacuated by MDA paramedics to the Hilel Yafe Medical Center in Hadera, and was transferred to the intensive care unit of Sheba Medical Center after a few hours. Doctors fought to save her life for days, until they prevailed.

Azuri, 20, enlisted in the IDF 20 months ago. She dreamt of being a combat soldier since she was six, and that’s what she asked to be when she came to the IDF’s induction center. “The sorting officer told me: ‘Sweetheart, you’re not going to be a combatant,'” she remembers, “but I told him: ‘That’s not possible, I’ll show you that I will be a combatant.'”

After a few weeks during which she refused to relent, Orel was given a place as a combatant in the Air Force’s aerial defense command.

“She was a difficult soldier, who did a lot of silly things. We kept her on base for several Saturdays. But there’s no one who doesn’t fall for her the moment they meet her,” said Azuri’s former commander, who visited her at the hospital.                             (Ynet News)

Rare footage captures elite undercover troops in action

Operations conducted by undercover units have become an integral component of the IDF’s fight against rioters and terrorists in Judea and Samaria during the recent wave of violence plaguing the country. More times than not, however, the actions of these undercover soldiers, operating under extremely dangerous conditions, are hidden from the public.

Now, for the second time during the recent terrorism wave, their unique methods have been caught on camera and put on public display.

The IDF on Saturday released a video showing members of the elite counterterrorism unit, Duvdevan, emerging from within a mob of Palestinian stone throwers in Bethlehem and arresting one of the perpetrators. The footage was captured by a camera attached to the helmet of a soldier who participated in the operation.

The soldiers, dressed in civilian gear and with headscarves covering their faces to blend in with the crowd, are seen in the video drawing their pistols and arresting the leader of the riot. Their action led to dozens of stone throwers fleeing the scene.

The video was published by the IDF after Arab media outlets aired their own footage of the arrest.

Meanwhile, a separate Border Police unit, operating in the vicinity against a different crowd of rioters, rushed to help the undercover soldiers extract themselves from the crowd with their detainee.

An IDF spokesperson reiterated and stressed the importance of the army’s undercover units, “who under considerable risk disrupt hostile activity and help our forces overcome rioters during these clashes.”

One officer added that a decision had been taken to embed the undercover operatives among the rioters in Bethlehem due to an uptick in violent encounters between Palestinians and security forces in the area.

photo 1

Undercover soldiers draw their pistols to cover their comrades during an arrest in Bethlehem

photo 2

A rioter is brought to the ground and detained

photo 4

The soldiers extract the detainee from the scene                                  (Israel Hayom)

Conflict correspondence: reporting amid the violence that mars the streets of Israel


Correspondents Report with Sophie McNeil    ABC Radio

The worst violence in years has been taking place in the streets of Israel and the occupied West Bank. In the past month at least 64 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israelis. Of those, Israel says 37 were assailants armed mainly with knives. Eleven Israelis have been killed in stabbings and shootings. Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeil reflects on what it is like to live in the middle of all that violence.

ELIZABETH JACKSON: The worst violence in years has been taking place in the streets of Israel and the occupied West Bank.

In the last month, at least 64 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israelis. Of those, Israel says 37 were assailants, armed mainly with knives.

Eleven Israelis have been killed in stabbings and shootings.

Our Middle East correspondent, Sophie McNeil, reflects on what it’s like to live in the middle of all that violence.

SOPHIE MCNEIL: First one siren went past the house and then another. By the time the third siren went, I was checking Twitter and the fourth, rushing to get some shoes on and grab my camera.

(Sound of raucous police siren)

The scene of the latest attack was just a few minutes’ drive up the road from my house.

Three Israelis were killed and two injured when two Palestinian men boarded a bus in the Jewish neighbourhood around the corner and started stabbing and shooting civilians.

When I arrived at the scene paramedics, police and soldiers surrounded the green bus sitting empty in the middle of the road. Smashed glass was all around it and the last victims were still being put into ambulances and rushed off to hospital.

An old lady sat crying on the edge of the road as a paramedic tried to console her, while another woman rushed in, sobbing, asking if anyone had seen a teenage girl. She hadn’t been able to get through to her daughter, who caught that bus.

My own parents were in town, visiting the Middle East for the first time, and were off wandering around the old city somewhere. I quickly called them. “Just come home,” I said. “I don’t want you out now.”

In the days that followed, more attacks continued. And now there is talk that this is the beginning of a third Palestinian intifada, or uprising.

My husband no longer catches the bus and the school where my two small children attend now only allows cars with designated stickers to come through its gates.

Each morning as we go to drop them off, now traffic is at a standstill. Many others are too scared to catch the bus now, too and more seem to be taking their cars to work.

In the wake of these attacks, new security checkpoints have now been put up all over Palestinian East Jerusalem, with some roads now totally closed off.

Human rights organizations have labelled it “collective punishment” for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian residents who have nothing to do with the violence.

It’s during times like this you realise that, as a journalist here, you have a really unique perspective.

These two sides – the Israelis and the Palestinians – live in pretty separate worlds.

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank find it incredibly hard to get permission from the Israeli authorities to cross over the wall and into Jerusalem, so most are stuck behind it; while Israelis are banned from visiting many parts of the occupied Palestinian West Bank and all of Gaza, due to security concerns.

However, as a journalist I am constantly moving between these two separated worlds.

In the space of one day I go from being worried about my family getting caught up in violence in Jerusalem by a Palestinian attacker, to then crossing over to the West Bank to face Israeli soldiers firing rubber bullets, tear gas and even live rounds as I film angry young Palestinians protesting the Israeli occupation and the illegal Israeli settlements being built on their land.

I drive around the West Bank, hoping the sign that says “press” on the hood of our car is visible, so no Palestinians think we are Israelis and shoot at our car. I get stopped by Israeli soldiers at checkpoints and have them refuse me access or threaten to arrest me if I don’t stop filming.

I pause when my kids ask to go the park and wonder if the one near us is a possible target. I then hear the roar of Israeli air force jets practising in the air over my house and I worry about Palestinian friends in Gaza and the hundreds of people I’ve met there over the years who’ve experienced the horror of air strikes and bombings by the Israeli air force.

The upside of constantly going between these two worlds? I’m in a good position to try and understand how each side feels and report from both perspectives.

And the downside? I am acutely aware of the level of fear, anger and hatred both people are feeling.

And right now I can see that they both have very good reason to be quite terrified of the other – which means that I can’t see how this violence is going to end any time soon.

This is Sophie McNeill in Jerusalem for Correspondents Report.

Palestinians: A World of Lies, Deception and Fabrications

by Bassam Tawil                 The Gatestone Institute


The only astonishing thing is that Abbas and the Palestinian leaders continue to refer to their wave of terrorism and bloodbath as a “peaceful, popular uprising.”

The terrorists were doubtless inspired by their president’s words. It is this kind of officially-sanctioned rhetoric that encourages young Palestinians to stab the first Jew they see.

This is not only a mountainous lie; it is an attempt on the part of the Palestinian Authority leadership to deceive the world into believing that Israeli security forces killed these poor innocent terrorists who were merely part of a peaceful protest. These “innocent” Palestinian men and women were “merely” in the process of trying to stab people to death.

The world in which Abbas and the Palestinian leadership live is a world of lies, fabrications and deception aimed at demonizing Israel and murdering Jews. The goal is not only to murder as many Jews as possible, but also to force Israel to its knees so that it will vanish as soon as possible.

Welcome to the world of the Palestinians, where we lie and then believe our own lies. And then want the rest of the world to believe them, too.

Sadly, the Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders are continuing to bury their heads in the sand and lying to everyone — from their people to the international community.

The current wave of Palestinian terrorism has entered its fourth week, but our leaders, above all the PA President Mahmoud Abbas, are continuing to talk about a “peaceful, popular uprising” against Israel. This wave of Palestinian stabbings, shootings and vehicular ramming has been anything but either “popular” or “peaceful.”

President Abbas and his top PLO and Fatah leaders have yet to explain to us what is peaceful and popular about stabbing an 80-year-old lady named Ruti Malka in Rishon Lezion, and a 70-year-old Jewish woman Jerusalem.

Instead of denouncing the terror attacks perpetrated by his people, Abbas continues to attack Israel for shooting the knife-wielding assailants to stop them. He has not missed one opportunity in the past four weeks to make false and libelous accusations against Israel. These include claims that Israelis are carrying out “summary executions” of “innocent” Palestinian men and women. In reality, these “innocent” Palestinian men and women were “merely” in the process of trying to stab people to death.

At two separate meetings of the PLO and Fatah leaderships in Ramallah this week, Abbas repeated his bogus charge that Israel is “committing war crimes” and working to “alter” the status quo on the Haram al-Sharif, or Temple Mount. He has also made these charges during meetings with Western leaders and government officials in Ramallah and abroad.

Instead of appealing to his people to refrain from carrying out terrorist attacks, Abbas and the PLO and Fatah leaders “voiced appreciation for the heroic steadfastness” of the Palestinians who, he said, are “defending their holy sites and the national project.” The Palestinian leaders consider the terrorists who murdered and wounded scores of Israelis as “defenders” of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

It was Abbas who said just a few days before the eruption of current wave of terrorism, that Palestinians “won’t allow Jews to contaminate, with their filthy feet, our holy sites.” He also stated that “every drop of blood that is spilled in Jerusalem is pure blood” and that the terrorists would go to Paradise.

The terrorists who took to the streets to commit murder were doubtless inspired by their president’s words. It is this kind of rhetoric, officially-sanctioned, that encourages young men and women to carry a knife and stab the first Jew they see. Abbas went so far as to tell the terrorists that it is their duty to “defend” the Islamic holy sites. He assured them that if they are killed by Israeli security forces, they will end up in Paradise.

Abbas’s firing up his people to murder is happening at a time as his Palestinian Authority-controlled media continues its massive campaign of firing up the same people to murder, while hailing terrorists as “martyrs” and “heroes.” At the same time, this media is promoting fraudulent conspiracy theories, such as the lie that Israeli soldiers and policemen have been “planting” knives next to the bodies of the terrorists.

This week, Abbas’s envoy to the UN, Riyad Mansour, repeated the old-new blood lie that Israel is harvesting the organs of dead Palestinians.

Such libels, lies and vilifications are intended to radicalize Palestinians still further and drive them towards pursuing their terrorist attacks against Israelis. Such defamation is also aimed at spreading hated against Jews around the world, thus endangering lives in the U.S., France, Britain and elsewhere.

Abbas and his PA and Fatah leaders and officials are working hard not only to demonize and delegitimize Israelis, but also, through lies and blood-libels, Jews everywhere.

The only astonishing thing is that Abbas and the Palestinian leaders continue to refer to their wave of terrorism and bloodbath as a “peaceful, popular uprising.” Not only is this a mountainous lie; it is an attempt on the part of the Palestinian Authority leadership to deceive the world into believing that Israel’s mighty security forces killed these poor innocent terrorists who were merely part of a peaceful protest against those awful Israeli “occupiers.”

Abbas knows very well that the terrorists were not participating in any “peaceful” demonstration in the West Bank or Jerusalem. He knows very well that the terrorists are “lone wolves” whom he himself has whipped up to murder Jews for no other reason than that they are Jews. Yet this knowledge has not stopped Abbas and the rest of the Palestinian leadership from continuing to lie to the world and their own people about the nature of these terrorist attacks.

In this regard, Abbas and the Palestinian leadership are following with the famous Arab Proverb, “He hit me and cried, and then came to complain.” The Palestinians involved in the current wave of terrorism against Israelis are the same ones complaining to the world about Israel. It is no surprise that many in the international community are rushing to endorse the false narrative of the Palestinian leadership.

In the twisted world of Abbas, there is no wave of stabbings and vehicular attacks against Jews. In the twisted world of Abbas, there are no terrorists. Stabbing elderly Jewish women and a 13-year-old Jewish boy, according to Abbas, is part of a “peaceful, popular” protest. In the eyes of Palestinian leaders, most of the terrorists who have been encouraged by Palestinian leaders to murder Jews are “innocent victims” who have had knives placed next to them by Israeli policemen and soldiers in order to frame them.

This is the world in which Abbas and the Palestinian leadership live. It is a world of lies, fabrications and deception aimed at demonizing Israel and murdering Jews. The ultimate goal is not only to murder as many Jews as possible, but also to force Israel to its knees in the hope that it will vanish as soon as possible.

Welcome to the world of the Palestinians, where we lie and believe our own lies. And then want the rest of the world to believe them, too.

When students cheer jihad

Tracking the pro-terror campaign on American campuses


by David Horowitz                 The Washington Times

Calling things by their right names is a prerequisite for seeing them as they really are. Last spring I spoke at more than half a dozen universities, including Ohio State and Stony Brook, where I was confronted by mobs of students cheering Hamas, a terrorist organization whose declared goal is the extermination of the Jews. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. On virtually every major university campus in America organizations exist whose leadership is dedicated to spreading the propaganda lies of Hamas designed to weaken and delegitimize the Israeli state, and promoting Hamas campaigns like Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) whose goal is its destruction.

The two leading organizations in this terrorist proxy campaign are the Muslim Students Association (MSA), which poses as a cultural group but is really a recruiting tool for its founding group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which was also created by a Brotherhood operative and takes an even more aggressive pro-terrorist role on campus defending Hamas rocket attacks on Israel and advancing its propaganda wars.

There are many ways to criticize Israeli policy, both reasonably and unreasonably. But what distinguishes these two groups is the relentless adherence of their members to the propaganda lines — and lies — of the terrorist organization Hamas, and their unwavering defense of Hamas’ aggressive wars against Israel and the Jews. A prominent slogan of SJP and MSA, chanted at ritual campus protests, is “From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free.” The river is the Jordan, the eastern boundary of Israel, the sea is the Mediterranean, its western boundary. These groups are committed to the destruction of the Jewish state — an act of genocide.

It is true that some chapters of the Muslim Students Association, which is a sponsor of the Israel-hate fests called “Israeli Apartheid Week,” do not participate in these political activities. But name one of them who has dissociated itself from their hateful agendas.

Even more telling is an infamous panel of four maps which is a standard feature of the “apartheid walls” (another Hamas propaganda lie — the security fence is designed to keep terrorists out, not ethnic groups) that are centerpieces of their protests. The first map shows a green state called Palestine with the date 1947. There was no state called Palestine (indeed there was no people calling themselves Palestinians) in 1947. The next three maps with expanding patches of white purport to show the infiltration and occupation of the non-existent Palestinian state by the colonialist Jews. These lies are easily checked. There is no occupation by Israel of Arab land. Israel was created the same way Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria were created — on land that belonged to the Turks for 400 years previously.

The fidelity of the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine to Hamas’ genocidal agendas is no mystery since both were created by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood. The mystery is why American universities like Brandeis, UCLA and scores of other schools are funding operations of a terrorist organization to conduct Jew-hating propaganda on American campuses. Any other group that preached hatred of ethnic groups or supported barbaric terrorists who slaughter men, women and children as part of a demented mission to cleanse the earth of infidels would face campus sanctions, disciplinary action, and be charged with conduct code violations. But these two groups, hiding behind the rhetoric of diversity and the cloak of political correctness, are instead lauded by university administrators, granted university offices, departmental funding for their hate-fests and a stage for their terrorist-supporting propaganda.

To expose this travesty and raise these questions the David Horowitz Freedom Center has launched a campaign (www.stopthejihadoncampus.org) on American campuses. The campaign has issued a report on “The 10 Colleges Most Friendly to Terrorists.” These include San Francisco State whose students scrawled “My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers” across the concrete stage at an anti-Israel rally. They include UCLA, where student government officers attempted to bar candidates for student government from accepting trips to Israel sponsored by pro-Israel organizations. They include Harvard University whose Dining Services administrators made a unilateral decision to ban products from the Israeli company SodaStream; and Rutgers University, whose Students for Justice in Palestine chapter displayed signs calling for a new Intifada (terrorist attack) against Israel at a recruitment drive.

It is a mistake to assume that these hate groups will be satisfied with mere rhetoric. Numerous leaders of the Muslim Students Association have gone on to high-level positions in al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. The most notorious of these was Anwar al-Awlaki, the head of al Qaeda in Yemen, who inspired the Fort Hood massacre and who before that was president of the Muslim Students Association at Colorado State. A recent student leader of the General Union of Palestinian Students at San Francisco State University spoke openly on social media about his desire to stab Israeli soldiers and leave school to join the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a terrorist group waging war against Israel. His postings led the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI to place him under investigation. How many other student leaders are out there who are less forthcoming about their desires?

  • David Horowitz is founder of the newly launched Stop the Jihad on Campus.

Do the Palestinians Want Two States? – Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser (Ha’aretz-Hebrew)

The former head of Palestinian General Intelligence, Tawfik Tirawi, a member of Fatah’s Central Committee, told an interviewer on the PA’s official TV channel that the Palestinians have waged an ongoing struggle to liberate their land ever since the Balfour Declaration, 98 years ago. This is the context in which to regard the current wave of terror attacks. As Tirawi explains, there is no single act that will achieve the long-awaited objective, just a “cumulative struggle.”

The Palestinian leadership, driven by an outlook that denies the existence of the Jewish people and its right to a democratic nation-state in its homeland, sustains its support for indiscriminate murder because it fears that the Palestinian issue will be pushed to the margins. On the other hand, there appears to be growing awareness that there is no solution in the foreseeable future and, thus, no reason that the international community should invest resources in the issue.

Israel, along with its efforts to bring an end to the wave of terror, has been busy with questions such as: will the war last forever? Apparently for as long as the Palestinians cling to their far-reaching demands and to their strategy of “struggle.”

Mahmoud Abbas has again declared that he will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state. He says such recognition would nullify the “right of return,” make it harder for Israeli Arabs to promote Palestinian interests within the Israeli political scene, and would require a change in the Palestinian narrative. Those are exactly the reasons why Israel insists that only such recognition can guarantee real peace.

Just as many Zionists now recognize the Palestinian people’s right to a nation-state in its land in the framework of the permanent settlement, so long as it does not constitute a threat to Israel’s security, so must the Palestinians be required to recognize the Jewish people’s right to a (democratic) nation-state in the land of its forefathers.

The only possible solution is that of two states for two peoples with mutual recognition. The idea has not died; it simply has not yet been born because the Palestinians, and the Europeans who support them, refuse to allow its birth.

The writer was formerly Director General of the Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs and head of the Research and Analysis and Production Division of IDF Military Intelligence.

This information is compiled by Dr Ron Wiseman, Board Member of the Zionist Council of NSW