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International Guests

Each year, the ZFA hosts a variety of highly talented, well respected and deeply accredited international guests in Australia. Our guests vary from leading academics and educators to spiritual and religious leaders to cultural and musical personalities. Our international guests travel around the country bringing their diverse and colourful expertise to our various Jewish communities.


Mr Zeev Ben-Shachar

Director of Israel Education at Jerusalem U

Dr David Brody

Academic dean at Efrata College of Education in Jerusalem

Liat Cohen Raviv

Senior Director at Diller Teen Fellows International

Dr Melila Hellner Eshed

Professor in the Department of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University

Ms Smadar Goldstein

Founder of JETS, Jerusalem Ed Tech Solutions

Silvio Joskowicz

Head of the Department for Education, World Zionist Organisation

Margalit Kavenstock

Director of Educational Solutions – Hebrew and Jewish Education Counseling, Academic Advisor

Rabbi Dov Lipman

Director of Public Diplomacy in the Vice Chairman & Office of the World Zionist Organization

Sarah Mali

Director of the Institute for Youth Leadership and the Global Leadership Institute at the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Dr Daniel Rose

Director of Instruction, Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy

Avi Steinberg

Director of the English Speaking Countries Division at Israel Experience

Rabbi Ramon Widmonte

Rabbi of Mizrachi South Africa and the Dean and co-founder of the Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning


Shmuel Rosner

Columnist, Editor and Researcher

Orna Landau



Natan Sharansky

Politician, Human Rights Activist and Author

Yariv Levin MK

Politician and Lawyer

Ada Spitzer

Vice President at Taglit-Birthright Israel

Dr David Breakstone

Deputy Chairman of the World Zionist Organisation

Avigdor Shinan

Associate Professor, Department of Hebrew Literature

Sarah Mali

Director of Machon Institute for International Leadership

Dr David Bernstein

Dean, Pardes Institute

Dr Michael Gillis

Melton Centre, Hebrew University

Rabbi Eli Kohn

Director, Curriculum Development, Lookstein Center, Bar Ilan University

Ricki Bernstein

Educational Psychologist

Professor David Mittleberg

Associate Professor for Sociology in the Graduate Faculty at Oranim, Academic College of Education


Dr Ruth Calderon MK

Politician and Academic

Naftali Bennet



Rabbi Benny Lau

Rabbi, Community Leader, Author, Activist and Public Speaker

Haim Aronovitz

Director of Israel Seminars of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School

Professor Dan Porat

Educator and Author

Margalit Kavenstock

Director of Educational Solutions – Hebrew and Jewish Education Counseling

David Hazony

Writer, translator and Editor

Avraham Duvdevani

Chair of the WZO


Tuvia Book

Educator, Author and Tour Guide

Jonny Ariel

Executive Director of Makom

Neil Lazarus

Educator, Public Speaker, Communications Consultant

Matan Vilnai MK

Politician, Former Major General in the IDF, Former MK, Ambassador to China

Uzi Landau MK



Ariel Blumenthal

Composer & Filmmaker

Gusti Braverman

Co-Chair The Department for Diaspora Activities, World Zionist Organisation

Scott Copeland

Educator & Tour Guide

Yehuda Katz

Director of English Speaking Countries Domain Aliyah & Absorption Department, Jewish Agency for Israel

Ido Lederman


Ivri Lider


David Olesker

Educator & International Speaker

Ronen Plot

Director General, Ministry of Public Diplomacy & Diaspora, State of Israel

Michelle Rojas

Educator & Speaker

Natalie Shnaiderman

Director Program Development FSU Education Division, Jewish Agency for Israel

Na’ama Zoran

Educator & Child Psychologist


Osnat Exman

Communities Director, Young Volunteers Unit, Jewish Agency for Israel

Amos Hermon

Chairman of the Education Committee, Jewish Agency for Israel

Rabbi Lau

Former Chief Rabbi of Israel


Shlomo Goldwasser

Father of kidnapped Israeli soldier

Robbie Gringas

Educator & Performer

Naomi Ragen

Author & Speaker