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Australia Arava Partnership

Emergency and Disaster Management Course for Community Leaders


Reflecting on challenges and disasters that our world has faced in recent times, the importance of appropriate training in crisis management and communal resilience amongst organisations and members of community has been pinpointed as a significant factor to assist populations when dealing with emergencies and disasters. 

The recent times in which the world have contended with the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated once again the decisive importance of organisations and individuals who act within the community and within the no-profit sector as a significant element in the ecosystem, helping the community to cope with various crisis and emergencies.

Their ability to help effectively is based on the involvement of a variety of entities with training, knowledge and tools to cope with these situations, who want to be involved as a ‘spearhead’ to connect the various officials and volunteers in times of emergency.

There is a need and a potential to develop local leaders from within civil organisations, who will act to connect the wider public to local groups in our partnership communities.

The Arava Australia Partnership in collaboration with the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Multi-Disciplinary Emergency Management Program at Tel Aviv University invite members of the Arava and Australian community to apply for a course in Emergency and Disaster Management. The course includes providing tools for addressing local emergencies and guidance in navigating through crisis.

About the course

Community Leaders in times of crisis is a 3 month online program that empowers leaders of Australian Jewish for-purpose organisations with skills and resources to lead their organisations through times of emergency and disaster.

  • Begins on the 5th October 2021 and concludes on 7 December 2021.
  • The course will be facilitated via zoom in English with some of the leading academic teams of the program.
  • Will include a few local face-to-face meetings instead of the online meetings if conditions allow.
  • Includes 8 x 2.5 hour academic lectures, workshops and meetings with professionals and will offer tools and skills relating to coping in an emergency.
  • Some of the meetings will include participants from both the Arava and Australia.
  • During the course participants will undertake a short practical work that will focus on preparation and/or a planned response to target populations in an emergency.
  • After completing all course assignments, the participants will receive a certificate awarded jointly by the Tel Aviv University Emergency and Disaster Management Program and the Jewish Agency, provided they attend 7 of the 8 sessions.

Course topics

  • Mental Health in Emergencies
  • Financial Stability of Organisations and Family
  • Crises Decision Making
  • Trauma Response and PTSD
  • Managing Community Volunteers during a Crisis
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Community and Team Management
  • Communications in Times of Emergency

Program cost

The cost of the program is $400 per participant. Subsidies are available on request.

Eligibility Criteria

  • We are seeking professionals and lay leaders (including board and committee members) in a position of influence within Jewish organisations across Australia, of all ages and across the diverse Jewish landscape.
  • Participants must have the ability to commit to at least 90% of the program.
  • Be open to cross-communal and international partnerships, endeavours and projects for the benefit of the Australian Jewish community.

Program Dates*

Session 1Tuesday 5th October 2021  6-9pm
Session 2  Tuesday 12th October 20216-9pm  
Session 3  Tuesday 19th October 20216-9pm
Session 4Tuesday 26th October 20216-9pm  
Session 5Tuesday 9 November 20216-9pm 
Session 6Tuesday 16 November 20216-9pm 
  Session 7Tuesday 23 November 2021 6-9pm  
Session 8Tuesday 7 December 20216-9pm

*Dates are subject to change

More about the Arava Australia Partnership:

Australia Arava Parntership Israel and Australia

Shortening the distance between us.

Partnership 2Gether Arava Australia is a program of the Jewish Agency and the Zionist Federation of Australia that promotes people to people relationships through cultural, social and educational programs.

P2G is part of a global network of over 45 Partnerships that aims to be the central network for the promotion of connection between Jewish communities and developing Jewish Peoplehood.

P2G has become the paradigm for successfully partnering global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities. Australia has been partnered  with the Central Arava since 1995.

Our Goals

·       Offer a face to face way of connecting through reciprocal programs and home hospitality.

·       Create meaningful engagement between Israelis living in the Arava and Jews living in Australia.

·       Inspire Jews to explore and broaden their connection to the Jewish People and to Israel.

Australia Arava Partnership agriculture

The Central Arava Region

·       Located in the southern part of Israel

·       Comprises 6% of the area of israel

·       Has 3500 residents (900 families)

·       The main livelihood is agriculture ; hothouse bell peppers , dates, melons, tomatoes and tropical fish.

·       The region is on the cutting edge of advanced agriculture in arid conditions.

·       Comprises of 5 moshavim Idan, Hatzeva, Ein-Yahav, Tzofar and Paran, the Regional Centre in Sapir and Zuqim

·       Produces  60% of Israeli vegetable export and 10% of cut flower export.

·       Average annual rainfall of less than 30 mm.


Each Israeli region was partnered with a Jewish community abroad: Max Shnider, the first representative of the Australian community, chose the Central Arava as the most suitable partner for Australia, due the pioneering element in both communities, as well as other mutual characteristics (isolated regions, desert agriculture). Close, warm ties have developed between the members of the two communities, despite the great physical distance between them, creating a true “living bridge.”

Tourism Book for the Central Arava

If you would like to learn more, please click on Tourism Booklet for the Central Arava

Partnership Programs 

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Acacia Student Delegation
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