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Guide for the perplexed

Here is a short list of analyses regarding the possibility of an extension of Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank. It will be updated from time time, and as and if an Israeli plan is tabled.

Lies my anti-annexationist allies told me
Gil Troy, Jerusalem Post, 15 July 2020
One can still disagree with the concept, but don’t buy into the lies.

Israel has been backed into a strategic corner
Bren Carlill, Australian Jewish News, 3 July 2020
A look at the strategic reasons why Israeli might unilaterally incorporate part of the West Bank

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Israel’s Annexation Policy – Why Now and What Next?
Calev Ben-Dor, Fathom, June 2020
A look at the positions and arguments of those for and against the extension of Israeli sovereignty.

Annexation of the West Bank: Where Does it Lead?
Udi Dekel, Noa Shusterman, INSS, 14 June 2020
Good analysis of all factors – what it could look like, the regional and diplomatic fall-out, and arguments for and against. Concludes that the pros and cons have a negative balance.

How fear of a US retreat from the MidEast is driving Netanyahu toward annexation
Haviv Retig Gur, Times of Israel, 5 July 2020
Based on an interview with an Israeli security analyst in favour of the move, this article suggests that as the US withdraws from the Middle East, Israelis feel they can no longer trust US guarantees, and so must take actions like incorporating the Jordan Valley.

Annexation of the West Bank: A step forward or a purposeless move
INSS, 19 June 2020
A YouTube discussion between international law expert Pnina Sharvit Baruch and former US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro (with INSS head) about possible extension of Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank. All were broadly against the move. The discussion highlights some of the legal and diplomatic technicalities.

The West Bank Was Annexed Once Before. It Ended in Regret
Martin Kramer, Mosaic, 25 June 2020
A look at the nine advantages that King Abdullah of Jordan had when he annexed the West Bank in 1950, which Israel does not have today. And a look at the one advantage that they share, which might or might not outweigh all the others. This is one of a six-article ‘symposium’ on the Mosaic website: https://mosaicmagazine.com/essay/israel-zionism/2020/06/examining-israels-eastern-borders/

Mapping Netanyahu’s annexation plan: Experts explain a charged, complex process
Jacob Magid, Times of Israel, 11 June 2020
An article about the intricate and difficult nature of the mapping exercise.