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National Bible Quiz 2018

Siblings Hodaya and Emmanuel Cohavi, Shoshana Spielman blitz the Bible Quiz

November 2018

Who knew Bible study was a competitive sport? And who knew that watching 7 nervous teens battle it out to answer incredibly detailed and sometimes obscure questions on the Bible could be as nail bitingly exciting as the last moments of the 2018 AFL Grand Final? The Zionist Federation of Australia’s National Bible Quiz was held on 6 November in Sydney and was a fabulous display of the commitment of the contestants to their learning and to the Tanach.

The talent and comprehensive knowledge of winner Hodaya Cohavi and runners up Emmanuel Cohavi and Shoshana Spielman are certainly impressive. These three remarkable young students, all from Sydney’s Kesser Torah College, will represent Australia in the World Bible Quiz and will join participants from around the world at the International Bible camp over Yom Ha’atzmaut 2019. The international quiz and camp are run by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Education Department of the IDF.

Dr Miriam Munz, ZFA Education Chair moderated the national quiz. She said “It is inspiring to see the dedication and talent of these young people. I commend Hodaya, Emmanuel and Shoshana as well as every one of the contestants for the study and commitment they’ve undertaken to be part of this program. Students from Kesser Torah College and Moriah College competed and certainly brought pride to their schools and their families.”

At the 2018 World Quiz, Australian representatives Chaim Ber Hirschowitz and Yehuda Eisenberg performed outstandingly well and both achieved the honour of participating in the Quiz finals, which are broadcast live on Israeli television in the presence of the Prime Minister of Israel.

“We wish Hodaya, Emmanuel and Shoshana mazal tov” said ZFA President, Jeremy Leibler.  “Participating in the international camp program, seeing first-hand the ancient places you’ve studied so hard about together with youth from Israel and the Diaspora will be incredible. What an experience to be in Israel over Yom Ha’atzmaut, celebrating Jewish peoplehood in the state of Israel. On behalf of the ZFA, we wish you the best of luck as you represent Australia on the world stage.”

The International Diaspora Quiz is based on 400 chapters of Tanach and the winner receives a scholarship to Machon Lev, the Jerusalem College of Technology.

How would you go??

  1. Who lived for 175 years?
  2. Who asked for water, but was given milk?
  3. In Israel’s 70th year of independence it won the Eurovision Song Contest and next year the contest will be held in Israel. Whose daughter came out to meet him:”בְתֻפִּים וּבִמְחֹלוֹת” With timbrel and dance.

Answers: 1. Abraham  2. Sisera 3. Yiftach

For more information please contact:

Shayndle Loewy; Zionist Federation of Australia; zfa@zfa.com.au