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If only I could be 15 (or 16) again.

We will get to that in a minute. First we would like to wish you all Chag Sameach, it has been a little while since we last updated you on ZFA local news and a lot has happened…

You may notice we changed our newsletter format – hooray for that, about time, it was driving us all mad and let’s hope you like it! We also have a NEW website (repeat above affirmation) but more importantly we have an incredible host of new shlichim that have arrived, are in transit or about to board the plane. We will introduce you to them over the coming few weeks but what we really wanted to tell you about today, was our new leadership program for teens – specifically 15 and 16 year old teenagers.

You may have heard about it, or not, and if you haven’t you certainly will. The Diller Teen Fellowship is a world renowned program that brings together an international network of Jewish teenagers. They are selected as current leaders with the vision to grow into greater leadership roles in the future. And we are very excited to announce that we have hired Ellie Golvan to implement the Diller Teen Fellowship in Australia.

Golvan has been working at Bialik College in informal education for the past three years, and she’s: – “Passionate about giving students tools to develop into leaders who are strong Jews and Zionists. I was drawn to Diller as the program provides a unique opportunity for high school students to engage with Israelis their own age, and create meaningful relationships through the program. At the same time they will be creating (or maintaining) a meaningful connection with Israel through the Australian Seminar and the Israeli Summer Seminar. As well, this program fosters a sense of responsibility in the young people of our community, giving them the tools to make a difference both now and in the future.”

Successful fellows in Melbourne (and yes we are hoping to bring it to other States) will complete a 15 month long program that comprises of workshops, community service and international travel. The program opens the door to a deeply personal and life changing exploration of Jewish identity and provides tools for leadership and activism. The group of fellows will be comprised of a cross-section of the community, allowing participants to interact with and understand Jews from different religious backgrounds.

The fellows will also focus on Tikkun Olam, which aims to empower the students to make a change in the world around them. They will be given the opportunity to fulfil the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam – repairing the world.

Golvan says: – “The Diller Teen Fellows program is about fostering the youth, and giving them the tools to effect change, as they are our future change makers.”

We strongly encourage students currently in Year 9 and 10 who think they would be suited to the program to apply (and parents, grandparents, friends, closely or loosely associated individuals who know someone suitable – feel free to put their names forward!) Please direct all queries to Ellie on email – dillertf@zfa.com.au or click here

We look forward to chatting soon

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sukkot Sameach!