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Telfed-ZFA launch event in Israel

Telfed-ZFA launch event in Israel

An exciting new partnership between Telfed and ZFA to support our olim in Israel

Recently, the official launch of the agreement between the ZFA and Telfed was held in Ra’anana.

The initiative will provide enhanced welcome and klita (absorption) services for Australian olim including employment counselling, social work services where necessary and involvement in volunteer support networks.

“We are delighted with this new agreement and very excited to be working with Telfed to provide improved reception and support for Australian olim,” said Ginette Searle, the Executive Director of the Zionist Federation of Australia.

ZFA President Philip Chester discussed the importance of aliyah, “It’s a momentous occasion. Aliyah is a key priority of our Australian Zionist movement. It is front and centre of what we stand for, it’s in our DNA.”

“Telfed was the obvious partner for us, such a well established, successful and highly regarded aliyah operation, serving South African olim since the establishment of the state. We share a lot of common values and interests.” Chester said.

The launch event was addressed by the new Ambassador of Australia to Israel Dave Sharma, MK Rabbi Dr Dov Lipman, Ministry of Absorption Deputy Director General Batsheva Reuveni, ZFA President Philip Chester and Telfed Chairman Dave Bloom. Recent young olim from Australia and South Africa also shared their experiences.

“Telfed is honoured and delighted to be able to extend its long standing experience and highly respected reputation of klita services in Israel to the Zionist Federation of Australia. We look forward to welcoming their olim and to a mutually beneficial partnership,” Dave Bloom said.

Bloom added: “Telfed was created in 1948 to support aliyah from Southern Africa and has remained the bedrock of klita and community service to that community for 65 years. We believe the common synergies with the Zionistic Australian Jewish Community will be expressed in this relationship.”

MK Rabbi Dr Dov Lipman recalled his own aliyah experience nine years ago and the moving words of the pilot, “I’m here to take you home”. Lipman stated, “It is our responsibility to make sure that everyone who comes here really feels that it is home.”

Lipman commended the partnership, “Certainly bringing together the two organisations and building on each other’s strengths is something which can only bring success.”

In his first official engagement as Ambassador of Australia to Israel, Dave Sharma said, “I see myself not only as the ambassador to the state and government of Israel but also to the Australian community in Israel. I take an interest in the welfare of all Australians in Israel and I want to be of service to you.”

Sharma congratulated all Australian olim on their extensive contribution to Israel. “The Australian community in Israel is successful and high profile. There’s a lot of influential and successful Australians in all walks of life in Israel”, he said.

The partnership will help ensure an easy and positive transition for Australian olim as they make a new life in Israel. All olim will be supported by Telfed from the moment they step off the plane and for their first year in Israel. This will involve welcoming them at the airport, advising them in their first weeks and months in the country and help with integration into local communities.

Since the start of 2013, 140 Australians have made aliyah. Hatzlachah Raba!

View photos of the event.
Watch videos of ZFA President Philip Chester, Telfed Chairman Dave Bloom, Ambassador Dave Sharma, MK Rabbi Dov Lipman and others below.

Video courtesy of Elahn Zetlin, Chutzpah Media.

ZFA President Philip Chester describes the new partnership for olim absorption services.

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Welcome; introduction by Telfed Chairman Dave Bloom

MK Rabbi Dov Lipman

Musical entertainment from South African olim – Kippa Live

Deputy Director of the Ministry of Absorption, Batsheva Reuveni

New Australian Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma

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