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The Parties

There are a record 47 parties running in the April 9 elections. The almost doubles the 24 parties that ran in Israel’s 2015 election and outdid 2013’s then-record of 34.

Each paper ballot slip for each party must be printed as many times as there are eligible voters, with extras printed to make sure no one is prevented from voting for their preferred party. With approximately 6,300,000 Israelis eligible to vote, the  Central Elections Committee said that some eight million slips would be printed for each party. And with 47 slates, that’s a whopping total of 376 million ballot slips to be printed!

Here are some of the main contenders: Click on each party for more information about them. (Under construction). 


Blue and White




The New Right

Hadash Ta’al

Jewish Home

Jewish Home (Habayit Hayehudi) is a right-wing national-religious party. The party was originally formed in 2008 as a union of the National-Religious Party, Moledet, and Tkuma. The party began achieving broader success in 2012, under the leadership of Naftali Bennett, a modern Orthodox businessman. Bennett split from the party in late 2018, launching Hayamin Hehadash.

Click here to download a Jewish Home factsheet.
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Union of Right Wing Parties

United Arab List-Balad

United Torah Judasim


Yisrael Beiteinu