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What we were talking about this week

Statement from the ZFA

The Zionist Federation of Australia calls upon Senator Richard Di Natale as leader of The Australian Greens to abide by its core principles and condemn the eco terrorism being perpetrated by Palestinians in Gaza against Israel. Over the last few months, Palestinian terrorists have been engaging in wanton environmental destruction by sending incendiary devices tied to kites and balloons across the border to Israel with the express purpose of setting wildfires wherever they land. These firebombs have destroyed many trees and acres of half-grown crops as well as creating pollution from the smoke and debris.

The Australian Greens has a list of environmental policies which it endorsed in November 2017.

The first three items on the list are-

1 Human beings are part of the natural world, and all forms of life on Earth deserve our respect.

2 Human society depends upon the ecological resources of the planet, therefore we must protect and maintain the integrity of its ecosystems.

3 Australians, as global citizens, have a duty of care to manage our unique natural environment and its resources, to ensure their ongoing sustainability for future generations, and to help protect the ecological integrity of our planet.

President of the ZFA, Dr Danny Lamm AM said, “We condemn the ecological terrorism that is being directed toward border communities in southern Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We have already taken issue with the Australian Greens over their willingness to condemn Israel for the violence on the border whilst ignoring the fact that it was deliberately calculated to be anything but the “peaceful” protest it was portrayed as being. Now is the time for the Greens to stand up for one of their core beliefs – the protection of the planet from wanton destruction. We look forward to hearing Senator Di Natale condemn these acts of eco terrorism in the strongest possible terms. If he chooses to ignore this call, those who look to the Greens for environmental leadership should be rightly disappointed.”

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Eco-terrorism continued…

It is images such as these that break my heart.

My favourite time in Israel is when these beautiful red flowers sprout up all over the country. But now, these beautiful forests, parks and nature reserves are being destroyed by Molotov cocktails and chemical bombs tied to kites, helium-filled balloons and even condoms launched from Gaza into Israel over the past few months.

So the question must be asked – why are the world’s leading environmentalists (and as mentioned above, politicians) turning a blind eye to the ecological and humanitarian catastrophe being caused by the irresponsible behaviour of Gaza’s Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists?

Read this brilliant article on the issue

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Is the United Nations upholding its founding mission?

“Allowing Syria to chair the body that produced the Chemical Weapons Convention, even as Assad gasses his own people, is like putting a serial rapist in charge of a women’s shelter.” – Hillel Neuer.

This is in answer to the question – is the UN upholding its founding mission?

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UN Watch says:

With the U.S. gone, it’s up to UN Watch alone to call out the dictators. Allotted only 90 seconds, Hillel Neuer asked:
“Why is…
Syria now Chair of UN Disarmament?
Iran on UN Women?
Saudi Arabia on 3 different women’s rights bodies?
Turkey on the UN Committee on NGOs?
Qaddafi Prize founder Jean Ziegler on the UN Human Rights Council?”

Watch and share this brilliant video of Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, telling the UN exactly as he sees it. But the question remains, is anyone actually listening?

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Australia VS Palestine in a 1939 soccer match

It is World Cup soccer time, which means that Israel’s detractors are pulling out this video of Australia playing Palestine in 1939 in order to make a point either about the existence of Palestinians before the creation of Israel, or about how a Palestinian national team should be playing in the World Cup by now.

One such example is this tweet:
“A lot of people have seen this clip but it never gets old plus it’s world cup time. Zionists like to argue that there was never a country called Palestine. Well surprise, this was a football/soccer match between Australia and Palestine in 1939. Where was Israel then?”

The one glaring issue with the video? The team is actually a team full of Palestinian Jews who played for Macabbi Tel Aviv and anyone that bothers to watch the video can see the star of David on their uniforms and hear the commentators talking about the Jews in the team.

But in case there was any doubt, here is the list of players that came to Australia to play for Palestine in 1939:
G.Arazi, Shmuel Ginzburg, L.Fuks, A.Schneider, F.Neufeld, S.Viner, G.Machlis, E.Pollak, A.Alembik, A.Resnik, M.Mirimovitz, L.Werner, A.Greenberg, J.Lieberman. J.Sidi, B.Mizrahi

I do not like to stereotype, but these all sound like Jewish names to me?

Israellycool has added some captions so that the next time George Galloway, BDS South Africa or even Walid from the tweet above try to prove a point about British Mandate Palestine pre-1948, that at least they get their facts straight and do it without the egg on their face.

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The media and the Gaza baby libel

This is a brilliant and strong piece by Simon Plosker from HonestReporting about the media’s reporting of an 8 month old Palestinian baby’s death back in May.

In the last week it has been revealed that Hamas paid baby Leila’s parents around $2,200 to tell the media that the infant had died due to tear gas inhalation at the Gaza protests when the baby actually died of a fatal blood condition that runs in the family.

But the media that was so quick to buy into that Hamas narrative that Israel had killed the baby were not nearly as forthcoming when it came to revealing the truth cause of her death, and the money payed by Hamas to lie.

Simon writes, “ A blood libel, like most of the blood libels leveled at Israel over the years, has essentially become part of the accepted narrative even if it is subsequently proven to be fake news.

Hamas knows it can get away with it.

After all, the media are prepared to rely on Palestinian casualty figures from the Gazan Ministry of Health despite the fact that it is controlled by the Hamas government in Gaza. Hamas has a vested interest in high casualty rates on its own side precisely in order to portray the IDF as vicious murderers.

If Hamas is paying a family to falsely claim that a baby died as a result of Israeli actions, why should anyone believe its casualty figures?”

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Prince William in the Holy Land

Prince William arrived in Israel on Monday evening on the first official visit by a senior member of the Royal Family.

His very presence in Israel sparked some furious debate on our social media channels.
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On his first full day in Israel, Prince William had a busy day with a visit to Yad Vashem, a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu one with President Reuven Rivlin, followed by a soccer game in Jaffa with Jewish and Arab children and a visit to Tel Aviv beach.

He capped off the day with a function at the UK Ambassador’s Residence, where he talked about the fantastic day he had travelling around and hearing stories of the people of Israel.

But one sentence really stood out in his address: “The ties between our two countries have never been stronger, whether in our record levels of trade and investment, our cooperation in science and technology or the work we do together to keep our people safe”.

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The vile BDS Movement is big on promoting the little “victories” they have in their attempt to isolate Israel, but Prince William’s confirmation of the strong ties between the two countries and the records levels of cooperation tell a different story.

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Reuters had an embarrassing fail when they tweeted a story about Prince William meeting the Palestinian president in the West Bank, but accidentally used the picture of Prince William and Eurovision winner Netta Barzilai walking through the streets of Tel Aviv!