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What we were talking about this week…

Daring Mossad mission in Iran 

Earlier in the week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in front of the media, in Hebrew and again in English, revealing that Israel managed to smuggle half a ton of documentation out of Iran and into Israel in a daring one-night operation which proves Iran lied about its nuclear program.

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Please also read this brilliant editorial by The Australian entitled “Fix or nix Iran nuclear deal” and this fantastic piece from the Algemeiner entitled “Former Top US Intel Official: World Is ‘Much Safer Place’ Due to ‘Heroism’ of Israel’s Mossad“.

Strangely enough, most of the chatter, at least on social media, straight after PM Netanyahu’s speech was critical, of all things, about his PowerPoint presentation!

I am going to a hazard a guess that the operation that the Israelis carried out was fairly sophisticated so I will forgive the PM and his team for taking the simple route when it came to putting together the presentation.

Even our local press got in on the action, with repeated articles on news limited dubbing the presentation as “bizarre“. But we all know that PM Netanyahu loves a prop.

I will leave the final word on the presentation itself to the parody Mossad account on Twitter who said: “We just smuggled a half ton of smoking gun evidence of Iran’s nuclear program in a daring mission to save the world and you’re all talking about the PowerPoint font. Just for that next time we’re using comic sans.”

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PM President Mahmoud Abbas: anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

The Zionist Federation of Australia is thoroughly appalled by the speech given by Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in which Abbas blamed Jewish behaviour and not anti-Semitism for the centuries of persecution they endured in Europe which culminated in the Holocaust.

Dr Danny Lamm AM, President of the ZFA said “Abbas’ statements which have been widely condemned are proof positive of Abbas’ deep-seated, ingrained anti-Semitism which first found expression in 1982 with the publication of his doctoral dissertation that questioned the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis and alleged that Zionist leaders were complicit in the destruction of European Jewry.”

“Over the years, many have tried to convince themselves and the world that Abbas has softened, that he is at heart a peace maker. This latest episode discredits that theory and indicates Abbas has not and will never change.”

“This is not rhetoric one can accept from anyone let alone from the “leader” who the world suggests is Israel’s “peace partner”. Israel would be rightly excused from further engaging with a person who holds such abhorrent views. We can only hope that with the passage of time a new leadership, ready to engage with the Jewish people’s right to self determination in their ancient homeland will arise.”

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Check out the full 6 minute rant from MEMRI.

There has been no shortage of people and organisations coming forward to condemn Abbas, so I will just share my two favourites.

Firstly, the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nickolay Mladenov who said Abbas’ statements are “unacceptable, deeply disturbing and do not serve the interests of the Palestinian people or peace in the Middle East.”

When you raise the ire of the United Nations and force them to defend Israel and the Jewish people, you know it is really bad.

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The second one is the New York Times, where the Editorial Board penned a Op-Ed claiming Abbas had “shed all credibility” entitled “Let Abbas’s vile words be his last as Palestinian leader“.

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Take that BDS Movement – Artists performing in Israel! 

This is fast becoming a regular section of my emails, and long may it stay that way! This time we have two more performers either coming or already in Israel, standing up to the vile BDS movement.

Enrique Iglesias will be performing in Israel on 27 May, and he told Israeli newspaper, Yediot Ahronot exactly what he feels about the BDS Movement and their attempts to have him cancel shows in Israel.

He said: “I always try to separate politics from music. I want to perform everywhere that listens to my music and I am always doubtful about people who tell me not to sing somewhere. I go by my fans, and not by politics.”

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Just last week, I wrote about Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame, who posted a video about his upcoming visit, reassuring Israeli fans that despite what they may have heard, he is still definitely coming.

Two days ago they played in Rishon Letzion, and Jay Kay definitely was not as polite to the BDS Movement – giving them an expletive-ridden spraying as to just what he thinks about those telling him not to perform in Israel!

To the huge crowd he shouted, “It’s a pleasure, I’m happy to be here! You know what when you’re in my position you get a lot of bullshit, a lot of people tagging me and telling me not to come to Israel. Bullshit. Bullshit! Get the f&#$ out of here!” Excuse the language – but he really did give it to them.

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Jerusalem embassy preparations

Doesn’t the Guatemalan flag look great against the Jerusalem skyline?

The Guatemalan Embassy is set to open its doors in Jerusalem on 16 May, but the staff are already moving in and the flag has officially been raised.

PM Netanyahu welcomed them to Jerusalem saying:
“Dear friends, welcome back to our eternal capital!
Bienvenidos a Jerusalém”

So who will be next?

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