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AZYC Summer Camps are ON!

A youth movement summer camp is one of the most highly anticipated events in the annual calendar. Participants are surrounded by friends, the sun is shining, and memories are made to last a lifetime. Summer camps mean something different to each individual, but no matter which camp one attends, the one certainty is that they will have an absolute blast – and no child should miss out on this incredible opportunity.

This is where the Australian Zionist Youth Council (AZYC), which is the roof body for Australia’s Zionist youth movements, comes in. This year, the AZYC is delighted to announce that summer camps will be going ahead. In full compliance with State Government regulations, each youth movement has developed a COVID-19 Safe Plan to ensure the safety of their chanichim. The AZYC has liaised with various professionals to ensure up-to-date COVID-19 advice is provided to the movements. Additionally, the AZYC has run a series of ‘pre-camp training’ sessions to ensure that all camp leaders and adults are well prepared for the upcoming camps. Despite trying circumstances, the dedicated madrichim of each of the youth movements have worked incredibly hard to ensure these camps go ahead.

With the help of generous donors, the AZYC is thrilled to announce that camp subsidy vouchers will be made available to eligible applicants to support camp attendance across Australia. This year in particular, things are tough and some families may struggle with paying for camp.

With the generous support of the JCA Millie Phillips Jewish Education Fund, participants from NSW, QLD and ACT will have access to financial assistance. First-time campers in primary to middle high school are able to apply for a subsidy of up to $130. Means-tested subsidies are also available by applying to the participant’s chosen movement directly.
So too, with the generous support of the Erdi Foundation, for the second year, and the Orah Fund, the AZYC is able to provide financial assistance for participants living in Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia. Participants of all ages are able to apply for subsidies of up to $150.

Noa Shaul, the executive officer of the AYZC said, “2020 has been anything but normal. The youth movements have done a fantastic job providing online programs for their eager chanichim, but there is nothing quite like being with your friends in person and experiencing an engaging tochnit (program) on camp. The AZYC wants every child to have the opportunity to experience these memorable moments.”

For more information:

Noa Shaul, AZYC Executive Officer, email exec.officer@azyc.com.au

For Vic, WA and SA camp vouchers apply here: https://forms.gle/aZBtMRmqN8HfH15v6

For NSW, QLD and ACT, first-camper subsidy vouchers apply here: https://tinyurl.com/1stcampnsw

Find out which camps are running in your state!
Betar is a Zionist youth movement established in 1923 by Ze’ev Jabotinsky. Alongside the many other Betar branches around the world, Betar Australia strives to provide high quality role models for children and strengthen the bonds of the Jewish community. Betar actively promotes the ideas of hadar (respect and pride) and tagar (standing up for one’s beliefs).
Betar will be running summer camps in MelbourneSydneyBrisbane and the Gold Coast. For more information: https://betar.org.au/
Bnei Akiva
Bnei Akiva is a religious-Zionist Jewish youth movement, which inspires and empowers young Jews all over the world with a sense of commitment to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel and Torah, placing an emphasis on the values of avodah and aliyah to the State of Israel.
Bnei Akiva will be running summer camps in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. For more information: https://bneiakiva.com.au/
Habonim Dror
Habonim Dror (Habo) is a Jewish, socialist-Zionist youth movement that operates throughout Australia as well as around the world. It aims to foster intentional Jewish identities and a meaningful connection with Israel in all its members. Habo strives to empower the youth through fun and dynamic informal education with a focus on Judaism, Zionism, social activism, identity, leadership and the value of all human life. Through education, Habo seeks to instill a love and care for improving oneself, our communities, and the world.
Habonim Dror will be running summer camps in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. For more information: https://www.hdoz.com/
Hashomer Hatzair
Hashomer Hatzair (Hashy) is a worldwide Jewish youth movement for kids aged 7 to 18. As a Zionist, secular-humanist Jewish movement, Hashy’s aim is to provide each of its chanichim with a strong sense of their own personal Jewish and Zionist identity, and to encourage chanichim to think critically about the world around them.
Hashomer Hatzair will be running a summer camp in Melbourne. For more information: https://www.hashyaus.org/
Hineni Youth & Welfare is a modern Orthodox, politically- and socially-active and Zionist youth movement that educates within a politically non-partisan framework. Hineni strives to create well-educated, critically thinking, empathetic and worldly young people who possess strong and proud Jewish and Zionist identities, and welcomes participants of all Jewish backgrounds. Hineni espouses mutual respect for all Jews, nurtures each participant’s unique sense of individuality and, in doing so, strives to produce the future leaders of the Jewish people and wider community.
Hineni will be running summer camps in Melbourne and Sydney. For more information: https://www.hineni.org.au/
Netzer is the Progressive Jewish youth movement in our community. It brings young Jewish people together to critically engage and discover their Judaism in the current society. Netzer educates through the values of Progressive Judaism, Reform Judaism and tikkun olam (repairing the world).
Netzer will be running summer camps in Melbourne and Sydney. For more information: https://netzer.org.au/
Tzofim is an apolitical, Zionist, Jewish youth movement. It runs activities in Hebrew for children, centred around Israel, the environment, leadership, friendship, current events and community values. It is a branch of the Israeli Scouts and is one of close to 300 groups worldwide.
Tzofim will be running summer camps in Melbourne and Sydney. For more information: https://hatzofim.org.au/
The AZYC is sure that you will be able to find your best fit amongst our amazing youth movements!