Category: Israel news summaries

Category: Israel news summaries

Operation Shield and Arrow factsheet

1:00pm AEST, 12 May  Important updates  803 rockets have been fired towards Israel over the past two days.  An Israeli from Rehovot has been killed.  There were two barrages yesterday evening in Israel, though no rockets have been fired for several hours.  About 20 per cent of these rockets have landed inside Gaza, causing Palestinian […]

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Hamas–Israel conflict: Relevant international law

A Factsheet The current violence is extremely tragic. Civilians are afraid and are dying. In the face of massive physical destruction in the Gaza Strip, and mounting Palestinian fatalities—undeniably including innocent civilians—it is difficult to form views on the issue. This fact sheet breaks down the key tenets of relevant laws of armed conflict, all […]

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Tensions in Israel: A Factsheet

The firing of hundreds of rockets by Hamas from Gaza into Israeli cities has become the main story. However, the situation evolved from Palestinian planned popular violence connected with the Sheikh Jarrah issue to the rocket fire and subsequent responses. What is Sheikh Jarrah and why is it relevant? It is much more complicated than […]

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Malki went to eat pizza with a friend. Then she was murdered

The woman who plotted the murder of Australian teenager Malka Chana Roth laughs and gloats on television about her vile actions. Journalist SHERELE MOODY follows the Roth family’s relentless fight to put the smiling assassin behind bars and to win justice for their beautiful kind-hearted daughter and sister.

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January Opinion Piece

By Dr. Ron Weiser AM  Prime Minister Netanyahu has suddenly shifted the goal posts and his political future may depend on how his imaginative and daring initiative shapes up. Over the past two years in what is effectively the one election cycle being played out now for the fourth time, I have continuously described the […]

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December Opinion Piece

By Dr. Ron Weiser AM Although it is Chanukah, it very much seems as if we are witnessing a Purim spiel in two arenas. Having put to bed the normalisation deals with the UAE and Bahrain, the more complex deals with Sudan and Morocco rely heavily on US incentives for them to go ahead. In […]

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