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Statement on John Lyons’ new book

The central thesis of John Lyon’s new book, Dateline Jerusalem: Journalism’s Toughest Assignment, is that journalists covering the middle east are bullied into submission by an extremist “Israel Lobby” who prevents the media from fact-based reporting. In an extract of the book published in last Saturday’s Age and Sydney Morning Herald, Lyons suggests that journalists based […]

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Opening remarks to the Intelligence and Security Committee on Hezbollah

Dr. Bren Carlill Thank you and good morning. The Zionist Federation of Australia’s submission and, indeed, the submissions made by the ECAJ and AIJAC all urge this Committee to urge the Minister to proscribe the entire Hezbollah organisation. That we are here shows that you are willing to give such a recommendation serious consideration, and, […]

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ZFA Statement on QLD Labor state conference

The Zionist Federation of Australia was deeply disappointed by QLD Labor’s one-sided resolution. The resolution reflects at best, a failure to understand recent events and at worst, a determination on QLD Labor’s part to adopt Hamas talking points. The resolution contained several factual errors and mistruths. On Sheikh Jarrah, the resolution misrepresents a decades-long, highly […]

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Tensions in Israel: A Factsheet

The firing of hundreds of rockets by Hamas from Gaza into Israeli cities has become the main story. However, the situation evolved from Palestinian planned popular violence connected with the Sheikh Jarrah issue to the rocket fire and subsequent responses. What is Sheikh Jarrah and why is it relevant? It is much more complicated than […]

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ZFA statement on the ALP platform conference

The Zionist Federation of Australia expressed its disappointment that the Australian Labor Party’s newly-adopted platform includes a call for the next Labor government to recognise a  Palestinian state. ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “The Labor leadership has previously opposed any unilateral actions that undermine Israeli–Palestinian peace. The ‘statement in detail’ now included in the ALP […]

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ZFA on Joe Biden inauguration

Zionist Federation of Australia President Jeremy Leibler hopes the Biden Administration will heal the serious divisions in American society. “America and indeed the world are in desperate need of a leader who will inspire rather than divide”, he said. “It’s important that the new administration moves away from Trump’s dangerous and irresponsible rhetoric of division and incitement. […]

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ZFA comment on new UNRWA revelations

Zionist Federation of Australia President Jeremy Leibler said he wasn’t surprised by the revelations. “UNRWA teachers have been Hamas members and supporters of violence against Israeli civilians. UNRWA schools have been used as staging grounds and storage facilities for terrorists. Indeed, UNRWA has long had a role in maintaining the conflict against Israel and there […]

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