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Dinner, Dessert and Delegations

Friday, 20th November, 2015

We have had a two week hiatus and in case you haven’t worked it out (we’re quite happy to share) there are ZFA updates every 14 days! We like to call it an appetiser. For the entrée, mains and dessert (speaking of which – we’ll get to that soon) you can contact us, connect with us and call us (almost) any time.

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It’s been a difficult week and terror has been foremost on our minds as it has for much of the world. We always really, really hate to write this part, but we cannot go on without talking about the tragic deaths in Israel and Paris. Those murdered in acts of terror, those injured, those who will forever wear the scars of a battle they never knew they were in. The families that will never look, feel or act the same ever again. Children who will grow old without holding both parents hands. We will never forget.

May there memories be a blessing to all who knew them.
יהי זכרו ברוך

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ZFA President Dr Danny Lamm’s condolence letter to French Ambassador Christophe Lecourtier

ZFA Decries Palestinian Terrorist Attacks – statement

What is coming up in Australia that we can tell you about?

How do we tell Israel’s story? It often seems daunting, especially in the face of media bias and particularly when Israel is under attack and must respond both internally and on the world stage. What can be learned from some of the best, better and bothersome broadcast responses by Israeli spokespersons? Israeli expert on public diplomacy, Michael Lawrence will be speaking in Melbourne this month and you can develop tools for effectively communicating Israel’s narrative and learn practical tactics and tips to speak on Israel’s behalf. Full the full spiel and details (you know the drill…) click here

We have a NEW shaliach – Or Mordo. Now to be perfectly honest, I don’t really know much about him. We haven’t met (but look forward to) and have just seen a photo and heard through the grapevine that he is really lovely (and has an interesting name, especially if you say his first and last together.) Or will be working with Emmanuel School and AUJS and we all say a big WELCOME!

Ok, we can’t wait any longer… let’s discuss Dessert (yum) and for someone (writing this) who has been on a diet for seemingly ever – it’s a mouth-watering experience that will soon descend on Sydney and Perth (yes, you read correctly) The Australia Arava Partnership is bringing out a culinary delegation, so come eat with us!!

We pray as always for peace in Israel and around the world and wish you Shabbat Shalom