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International Speakers

The conference will be dynamic, informative and innovative. We have attracted some high calibre overseas presenters, who will provide a unique learning and professional development environment for all professionals involved in Jewish education. We are currently developing our list of international speakers and are thrilled to announce that we have already secured:

Tal Gale, has a focus on Hebrew language acquisition in the U.S.A. and Israel, using Hebrew language as a means of strengthening Jewish identity development.

Rabbi Dr. Zvi Grumet, is a master teacher, creative educational thinker and innovative Tanach scholar.

Aviva Lauer, directs the Pardes Centre for Jewish Educators, is experienced in curriculum development, classroom teaching, and teaches Jewish texts – Tanach, Talmud, Midrash.

Dr. Alex Pomson, has researched and authored numerous books and articles about Jewish day schools, the most recent one being Inside Jewish Day Schools: Leadership, Learning and Community.

Dr. Noam Weissman,  Executive Vice President of OpenDor Media– is passionate about inspiring inquiry and not seeing the Jewish world in terms of black and white. He teaches topics including Jewish education, Jewish history and philosophy, Zionism and Israel today.