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I’m a little nervous, but I’d like to ask you out.

It’s time to fall in love…

Friday, 5th February, 2016

Yes, it is almost Valentine’s Day, but that is NOT what we are referring to.

What we are saying is – we would like to ask you out. We have sweaty palms and are a little nervous, there’s keen anticipation in the air and messages are flying through cyberspace.

It’s time, so join us…Taglit-Birthright applications are OPEN and we want you to come!

Now this date has some criteria (don’t they all?!) You need to be between the ages of 18-26 and available for a 10 day Israel SUMMER experience. Click here to check if you’re eligible. So if you’re free to have the experience of a lifetime with other young adults, climb Masada at dawn and traverse the Israeli desert on camel then by all means say YES and apply here. It’s time to fall in love with Israel.

Lets show some support for our friends at Project Go. Here is a great event to encourage Israel and Jewish discourse; you get to watch a movie, enjoyed outdoors in a private home with falafel and snacks all included!

Would you like to challenge media bias? Then come along to this informative discussion.

If you missed out on our latest advocacy alert ‘When Terror Strikes’ – here you go!

We pray as always for peace in Israel.

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We wish you all Shabbat Shalom xo