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Kangarusski and Anne Frank

Friday, 18th March, 2016

Last Sunday, Kangarusski organised for Russian families to attend the international exhibition “Anne Frank – A history for today” at the Sydney Jewish Museum.

Kangarusski is the Russian Speaking Jewish Community department of the Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) that works to engage the Russian Speaking members of our community with both Jewish and Israel issues.

Parents and their children watched a documentary about Anne Frank’s life, read pages from her diary, went to the children’s memorial and observed the Jewish religious symbols. Russian speaking volunteer guides took the Kangarusski group around the entire museum and shared interesting stories and facts about the past and present Jewish community in Australia.

Anna Maylis, ZFA Kangarusski coordinator was very moved by the experience: – “I was pleased and overwhelmed by the response and willingness of the members of our community to take part in this event and join the Jewish Museum tour. Once again, I recognised the values and concepts that will always remain important to our people, regardless how many years pass since this tragedy.”

The story of Anne Frank was told against the background of the Holocaust and the Second World War. It challenged everyone who attended and raised questions about tolerance, nationalism, racism and human rights. The narrative touched people’s hearts and evoked strong emotions and for many of the Kangarusski guests it was the first time they had visited the Sydney Jewish Museum.

As Maylis so eloquently put it: – “It is in our hearts, it is in our nature. This is our history. We shall never forget.”


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