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Let’s Eat…

Let’s eat latkes, we sure have earned them and whilst we’re at it; pile on some doughnuts; the sweet jelly kind (not those fancy caramel ones that have gone all Bondi hipster) and peel the gold foil off some chocolate gelt if you can pry them out of the nearest child’s hands. Whilst you do all this – enjoy it!!

We’re not here to be a self-help guide, nor do we want to interfere with the latest diet or give you fodder for healthy New Year’s resolutions (but we won’t stop you from taking this as inspiration.)

What we are here to do is thank you.

We thank you for being part of the ZFA.

Thank you for spending time with us. Thank you for being at our Australia Arava Partnership, Kangarusski, Habayit and Diller Teen Fellows events. Thank you for visiting our offices, for spending time with our Shlichim, for travelling on our Taglit-Birthright buses and on our Masa programs in Israel and for making Aliyah. Thank you for reading, reacting, posting and engaging. Thank you for being part of the Zionist Federation of Australia.

We want to wish you all Chanukah Sameach and Shabbat Shalom and we look forward to a wonderful 2017 together.

We will be taking a short break: – Melbourne office will be closed from the 26th December till the 9th January. Our Sydney office will be closed from the 26th December till the 3rd January.

Enjoy the summer and have a latke – you earned it!

We’ll see you soon.

Shabbat Shalom,
The ZFA Team