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Rabin Resources for Schools

Resource Materials

Resource type: Activity ideas
Developed by: the Shittim Centre.
Target audience: Years 8 – 19
This document includes an activity for Rabin’s Memorial Day specifically aimed to clarify and examine the limits of democracy
and explore what expressions and actions are legitimate and important protests. As a sequence, it also asks what expressions and actions incite crimes or even act as incitement to murder.

Resource type: Activity and program outlines.
Developed by: Shittim Centre
This document is directed to educators and works with them to answer the questions ”What do we wish to remember on Rabin Memorial Day?” “How should Rabin Memorial Day be commemorated?”
Included are activities for pairs and for groups. This document includes source pages from Maimonides Mishneh Torah, from Gemara Yom 23, from Yehuda Amichai’s poetry and others.

It also includes an extract from the verdict of Judge Edmond Levi’s in the court case of Yigal Amir.

Also included are questions to follow suggested students’ activities.

The 4th section includes a group activity for educators to adequately tease out ideologies based on “do not forget”. This is followed by a collective summary.

Section 6 includes letters written to Leah Rabin, letters written by people who were in the square when Rabin was killed and personal accounts from people who recall the impact of his murder.

Section 7 is the address given by Rabbi Dr Aharon Lichtenstein given at the Har Etzion Yeshiva on 20th Cheshvan 5756. This is followed by a discussion of Gemara, Yoma 23 – collective responsibility and personal responsibility.

Developed by the Jewish Agency for Israel
Target audience – Years 5-6
Some of the sections in this document are based on interaction with Israeli students through the Jewish Agency twinning project.
However, most of the material can be used as it stands generating discussion between groups of Australian students.

The document includes suggested lesson plans for Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day.

There are activities and guided questions dealing with the concept of “freedom”, the limits of freedom, freedom of expression, the dangers of freedom of expression and the Rabin assassination. In each theme and thread, guidelines and suggestions for classroom discussion and activities are included.

Developed by the Jewish Agency for Israel.
Target audience – Levels 5 – 6, appropriate through to year 8.

This document deals with Love of Country as seen through Rabin’s dedication to Israel. Similar to Document 3, this is based on twinning with Israeli schools and generating discussion between Israeli students in Israel and our students in the diaspora. There are 4 activity plans for levels 5 and 6, but they could possibly be used through to year 8.

Once again, there is plenty of material which could be used effectively classroom discussion about Yitzhak Rabin, a student’s personal connection to the land of Israel, and Yitzhak Rabin’s connection to Israel.

Developed by Bina – The Jewish Movement for Social Change
Target audience – years 8 – 11.

This is an activity for Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day which begins with the link to a powerful Youtube clip depicting demonstrations in Israel prior to the assassination.

The activity uses the debates between the Houses of Hillel and Shammai to illustrate the concept of ‘argument’ (machloket) in the Jewish sources and the limits of argument and debate.
The material provides sequenced classroom readings with questions for comprehension leading to a discussion about incitement.

Developed by the Jewish Agency for Israel
Target audience – years 8 -11

The 5 activity plans in this document deal with the limits of freedom of expression. The content also deals with issues of prejudice and it is likely to be suitable for levels 8 – 11.

This is the text of the address (in English) made by Yitzhak Rabin as he opened his second Knesset on 13 July 1992. He describes his plans to pursue peace and makes an offer of peace to the Palestinians.

There is a brief introductory piece which sets the context for the speech.

This is the speech (in English) made by Yitzhak Rabin when he received an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on 28 June 1967. The significance of this speech is that it was given in the aftermath of the Six Day War in which he played such a key role as Chief of Staff. The speech is an extraordinary reflection of the way the country felt after that war.

Yizkor for Yitzhak Rabin in Hebrew and in English. This could be used in a memorial Assembly

This document includes a number of readings in Hebrew. These could be used in a memorial Assembly or for an advanced Hebrew class. Included are 3 poems, eulogies recited at Rabin’s funeral – by his granddaughter,
by King Hussein of Jordan, and personal letters including those written by 2 teenagers to Yitzhak Rabin.

Posters and Photos

Film Material

https://youtu.be/VcLbAX2-mt0– A brief biography of Yitzhak Rabin  (6’ 27’’)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDHYHuGFnao.  Produced as an educators’ tool, this Youtube (12’ 12’’) portrays Rabin as a paradox and as a man who grew into his various roles. It actually guides the viewer through Rabin’s life and raises core issues.This is easily adapted for discussion in secondary schools.

It’s possible to rent ($3.99) “Rabin in his own Words”, a documentary which won numerous awards and is said to be “viewer friendly”. This goes for 1 hour and 44 minutes and is available from Amazon. In Hebrew with English subtitles.

There is another film in Hebrew with English subtitles “Yitzchak Rabin: A Biography”. This runs for 100 minutes. In fact, there are a number of full length movies each stressing different aspects of Rabin’s journey. For instance: Rabin. The Last Day.

The most recent film is “Incitement” and it is also the most controversial film in which the people who made the film in 2019, describe their conversations with Yigal Amir, Rabin’s assassin. It has excellent reviews. It is available for rent, $4.99 from Amazon.    https://www.amazon.com/Incitement-Yehuda-Nahari-Halevi/dp/B086DY9C7D