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Shabbat, shlichim and standing strong

Friday, 6th November, 2015

We would love to give you a COMPLETE update on everything that has happened in our offices, but we won’t because there are many and then you may leave us before the end (and we don’t want that. The end is the good bit.)

So we’ll provide the abridged version.

We held Rabin commemoration ceremonies together with our partners around Australia.

We held Rabin commemoration ceremonies together with our partners around Australia.

Provided briefings on the situation in Israel and met Anat Sultan-Dadon, the new Deputy Chief of Mission at the Israeli Embassy who provided an informative overview of the current situation

Pulled up a chair at a beautiful Shabbat lunch with Project Go for young adults at the Werdiger home in North Caulfield.

Had a rally supporting Isreal in Perth

Met with Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop MP.

Held the AZYC Sikum Seminar in Israel.

Met with Australian Ambassador Dave Sharma in Israel.

Went to the States for the Diller Teen Fellows Conference.

This is the (extra) good bit – we have new shlichim!! Ok, some of them are not so new and others like Alon arrived today, so who are they and what are they going to be doing here?

Say hello to Sarai Polk – she’s cute, beyond lovely, passionate and a hard worker. She’s married to Ranen (he too is lovely and exceptionally tall, just a titbit.)

Oh and she’s here as the new Sydney Tzofim shilchah.


Then there is Yuval Barel, now admittedly she too is lovely (although she had us, make that me stumped on the name, our last Yuval was a he, but she is definitely not a he.)

Yuval is the Melbourne Tzofim shlichah.
Rami Teplitskiy, he has only been here a few short weeks and he has pretty big shoes to fill, he’s the new RSJC shaliach.

Rami is based in Melbourne and he’s already dived right in with his enthusiasm, optimism and dasvidanya.



To round it off (for this week anyway) we have Alon Bar David.

He technically would have only just landed, so we can’t comment (too much) on how friendly he is, but his apparent (rumour has it) warm disposition will be an asset to Hineni as he’s their new shaliach.

G’day and Welcome.

We pray as always for peace in Israel and wish you all Shabbat Shalom

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