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Yihye Tov – it will be alright

Today is my last day in the office before I go on leave until the middle of June. I have been sitting here this morning reflecting on the past year and everything that has occurred in Israel, wondering how I could sum up the whole year in just a few short paragraphs.


I thought about the Gaza border protests, which began at the end of March but reached a peak on the same day that the American Embassy opened in Jerusalem on 14 May. I thought about the intention of the protests, their stated goals, and the way the entire world was duped even though the Hamas leadership was shouting its deadly intentions from the rooftops.


I thought a lot about the environmental terrorism, the incendiary balloons and kites that have been deliberately sent across the border from Gaza into Israel. In the last six months alone these kites have burnt acres and acres of forests, farms and fields, and terrorised a generation of Israelis who have already suffered more than their fair share of trauma due to the thousands of rockets that have been fired directly at them.


I thought about the harsh condemnation that the Australian Greens gave to Israel, before even knowing all of the facts after the violent border riots of May 14, and the deafening silence from that same party despite the eco-terrorism which goes against every single one of the party’s core principles.


I thought about the terror attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers which have continued this year, including the most recent one with baby Amiad Yisrael – who came quickly into this world via emergency C-section at 30 weeks gestation after his mother was shot in the abdomen, and just as quickly passed away 3 days later.


And I thought about the countless times, even just over the past year, when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas pledged to give every last cent to the “martyrs” with blood on their hands instead of using foreign aid to benefit the Palestinian people.


I thought about the citizens of Israel’s north, who just discovered that Hezbollah has been building tunnels which cross into Israeli territory in order to unleash another round of deadly terror when (not if) the next war comes.


I thought about the UN, with its obsessive anti-Israel resolutions. And the entire sections of discussion dedicated solely to condemning Israel while Human Rights violators and dictators not only walk away without even a rap to the knuckles, but sit as the heads of important UN committees. And of course, I thought about the failure to pass a resolution which would have condemned terrorist Hamas a few weeks ago, and the roundabout way Israel’s detractors managed to manipulate the outcome of that vote.


And as I write, in the background I am listening to Israeli music, and while I am trying to make sense of the past year, the sweet tune of David Broza’s “Yihye Tov” filters through the speakers.


The song first hit the airwaves in 1977 and spoke about the impact of war and the hardships facing Israelis, but that in the end – everything will be all right. I have always looked at the song as optimistic. Yes times may be hard, but it will get better. Now as I sit here and even just reflect on the past year (let alone the past 41 since the song’s release), I wonder, when? When will it get better?


How many more eulogies will we read about people whose lives were cut short by terrorism? How many more rockets will have Israel in its aim, balloons sent over the border, shots fired at innocent civilians waiting for a bus or just trying to go about their day at work?


How many more UN Resolutions, biased articles, vile campaigns of boycott and hatred will there be? How much more money will be rewarded to terrorists, or pledged to organisations funnelling money to corrupt and violent groups? When will it get better?


I will continue to remain an optimist, and as I finish up this year, and take a short break from this job that I love so much despite the difficulties, I can only hope that next year, it will be better.


Yihye Tov.


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