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Pesach Sameach

We hope that you’re having a great Passover eating away on matzah, chopped herring, your mother’s famous chicken soup and most importantly delicious kneidlach.

It is an interesting time of the year for us at the ZFA. All the activity of Natan Sharansky’s visit and our Biennial in Melbourne has been successfully concluded and we are now in the middle of Pesach.

Passover is a time to reflect as we sit with family and friends around countless meals, long discussions and inevitable questions.

We don’t however deliberate, examine or consider alone. Around the world debate is being fuelled by the media assigning blame either to the Israeli’s or the Palestinians for the collapse of recent peace talks. Who is to blame? How do we go forward from here? Can we?

The answer is not clear but what is plain is the need to sit down like centuries before and feel free, to know Israel is safe and our homeland is secured. We have to ask ourselves how many more Pesach tables will we come together at before we have this guarantee? How can we make a difference or affect change?

Our ancestors searched for the Promised Land and gained our freedom, now we just need to ensure we keep it.

We wish you all Pesach Sameach

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