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ZFA passes resolution on religious pluralism in Israel

ZFA passes resolution on religious pluralism in Israel

October 11, 2013

On October 8, after much discussion, the Zionist Federation of Australia passed the following resolution at its Executive Meeting, at which affiliates across Australia were present.

“We believe that Israel’s Declaration of Independence is an inspirational document that describes the aspirations and hopes of a democratic and inclusive people.  Further, we believe that there is still work to be done in implementing those aspirations and hopes.

In that spirit and recognising that Jewish practice has many forms of expression including multiple streams of Orthodoxy, Progressive (Reform) and Conservative (Masorti), The Zionist Federation of Australia respectfully requests the Government of Israel to move as quickly as is practicable to provide full recognition and equitable support for all streams of Jewish practice.”

The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) is the national roof body of all Zionist organisations and activity in this country. ZFA affiliates span the breadth of political and religious streams, as well as organisations dedicated to fundraising for Israel, engagement with youth, women’s groups and cultural and sporting organisations.

ZFA president Philip Chester said: “The Zionist Federation of Australia as the representative of the World Zionist Organisation (WZO) encompasses Zionists from all Jewish religious streams and the full spectrum of Zionist political thought. We are intensely proud of our well-deserved international reputation as a strongly Zionist community and of the breadth and depth of Zionist affiliation and activity in Australia. This resolution is consistent with our broad representative role.”

Steve Denenberg, who proposed the resolution said: “”ARZA is delighted by the support of the ZFA and its membership for this resolution. We are delighted that Australia is taking the lead in calling for Israel to truly become the home for all Jews, and acknowledging that there are many, equally authentic, ways of expressing our Judaism.”

For more information please contact Executive Director, Ginette Searle at gsearle@zfa.com.au or 9272 5644.