Litzman must be held to account

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Isaac Herzog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency with Jeremy Leibler from Herzog’s visit to Australia in 2018.

President of the Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA), Jeremy Leibler has met with with Isaac Herzog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem to express the serious concerns of the Australian Jewish community regarding the ongoing delays in the extradition of Malka Leifer to Australia and allegations regarding Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman’s judicial interference on behalf of at least 10 sex offenders, including Malka Leifer.

Leibler said, “These additional allegations if proven true, are an insult to the survivors of sexual abuse and to Jewish communities around the world”.

Mr Leibler described the meeting with Herzog as a “frank and honest discussion about the frustratingly protracted process and numerous delays in extraditing Leifer to face justice in Australian courts. Isaac Herzog, who recently visited Australia and is a strong friend of the Australian Jewish community, understood that the prospect of Litzman continuing on as a Minister in the Israeli Government while these allegations are being investigated would place strain on the relationship between the State of Israel and the Australian Jewish community.”

“We reiterate our previous demand that Litzman steps down if these allegations are proven correct,” Mr Leibler added.

“In light of the additional allegations, we call upon acting Prime Minister Netanyahu to ensure that Litzman is not appointed to any public position until the investigation in relation to these allegations is concluded”.

Mr Leibler also met with the Deputy Director General of the Foreign Ministry for the Asia Pacific, Mr Gilad Cohen to communicate the Jewish community’s concerns and will be meeting with the Director General of the Foreign Ministry, Yuval Rotem this week in relation to these issues.

“The ZFA stands with the alleged victims of Malka Leifer and will continue to advocate on their behalf until Malka Leifer faces justice in Australia.”

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