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The Zionist Federation of Australia is thoroughly appalled by the speech given by Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in which Abbas blamed Jewish behaviour and not anti-Semitism for the centuries of persecution they endured in Europe which culminated in the Holocaust.

Dr Danny Lamm AM, President of the ZFA said “Abbas’ statements which have been widely condemned are proof positive of Abbas’ deep-seated, ingrained anti-Semitism which first found expression in 1982 with the publication of his doctoral dissertation that questioned the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis and alleged that Zionist leaders were complicit in the destruction of European Jewry.”

“Over the years, many have tried to convince themselves and the world that Abbas has softened, that he is at heart a peace maker.  This latest episode discredits that theory and indicates Abbas has not and will never change.”

“This is not rhetoric one can accept from anyone let alone from the “leader” who the world suggests is Israel’s “peace partner”.  Israel would be rightly excused from further engaging with a person who holds such abhorrent views.  We can only hope that with the passage of time a new leadership, ready to engage with the Jewish people’s right to self determination in their ancient homeland will arise.”

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