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President of the ZFA, Dr. Danny Lamm AM, praised PM Malcolm Turnbull and FM Julie Bishop for voting against a UN Human Rights Council resolution which called for an investigation into Palestinian deaths during protests along the Israel-Gaza border.

Dr. Lamm said, “we thank the Australian government for taking a stand and for protecting Israel’s right to defend itself and not being railroaded by an organisation that has a miserable track record on Human Rights and calling out Human Rights failures.”

He continued, “We commend FM Bishop for recognising that the outcome of any investigation of this nature would have already been predetermined. FM Bishop also referred to the fact that the resolution did not make any mention of Hamas’ role in these violent protests. One only needs to look at what Hamas leaders themselves have been boasting about to know that there was nothing peaceful about these rallies, that their intention was to kidnap and kill Israelis, and the end result was that 50 Hamas members – that is over 80 percent – were killed. Any resolution which does not take that into account has already been discredited in my eyes, and the Government was justified in voting against it”.

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