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The Zionist Federation of Australia has welcomed today’s decision by the Government to consider moving its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and thus formally recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


Dr. Danny Lamm AM, President of the ZFA said, “Prime Minister Scott Morrison is to be congratulated for an outstanding statement of strength and confidence, thus further displaying Australian support of Israel with his government’s consideration of moving the Embassy to Jerusalem.”


At the same time the PM also announced the government would review their previous support of the Iran nuclear deal, a move that was welcomed by Dr. Lamm. Just last Thursday, when the PM visited Beth Weizmann Jewish Community Centre Dr. Lamm flagged the issue of Iran as being one of major importance.


The Prime Minister also stated that his government would oppose a vote later today at the UN which is due to elect the Palestinian Authority as chair of the G77. Dr Lamm said, “I applaud the government’s stance on this issue and their acknowledgement that this move will not advance the the cause of moving the parties towards a two state solution. I congratulate the PM for his moral and decisive leadership – to vote against the resolution and not just abstain from voting – on such a contentious issue.”


Referring back to the issue of Jerusalem Dr. Lamm also referenced correspondence with former PM Malcolm Turnbull back in May, where Dr. Lamm called for Australia to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to consider transferring the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem. Dr. Lamm said, “This is not a question of politics or geography. It is just about doing what is right.”


He concluded, “I have always said that Jerusalem is and always has been the beating heart of the Jewish people… For the government to champion such a move, to lead what we would hope would be a motion supported from both sides of parliament, would reaffirm your strong commitment to the State of Israel, its sovereignty, its democracy and the values we share.”

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