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Senator Lisa Singh visited Israel and the Palestinian territories and had quite a bit to say about the experience in the Senate last week.

Dr. Danny Lamm, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia responded:

“I would like to know if during her visit, Senator Singh was taken to Dalal Mughgrabi Square, named by the Palestine Authority after a terrorist who murdered 38 Israelis in 1978? Did she visit one of the hundreds of mosques where every Friday, Imams spout hatred towards Israel and Jews?

Did she find the time to enter Gaza, where the people are used as human shields and armaments are kept in schools and mosques, where the Hamas command and control centre is located underneath a public hospital, where they throw their opponents off buildings and fire rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilian targets?

Is she aware of the thousands of Palestinians treated every year in Israeli hospitals or the hundreds of truckloads of food and clothing that are delivered to the people of Gaza while its rulers refuse to pay for electric power but spend millions on terror tunnels?

Following last week’s co-ordinated terror attack in Jerusalem which resulted in the murder of Israeli border police officer Hadas Malka, the Palestine Authority PM Mahmoud Abbas refused to condemn the attack. Instead, he threatened to take Israel to the International Criminal Court because its police killed three people armed with knives and a submachine gun in the act of carrying out a terrorist attack.

Did Senator Singh spare a single moment to reflect on the lengths society must go to in order to defend its citizens from such a mindset?

If not, then perhaps she is only seeing a small fraction of the picture.”


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