Statement from Dr. Danny Lamm on Lee Rhiannon and the Greens

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Dr. Lamm said, “The Australian Greens have been unable to shake their reputation for being the go-to party for anti-Israel sentiment and behaviour. At first it was on a “discreet” local level and over the years it has seeped into Federal politics, particularly from Senator Rhiannon and her support for the blatantly anti-Semitic BDS campaign. Her presence at pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli rallies over the past few years has shown how the line between anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism is blurred.

The fact that tax-payers money was used to print flyers for this latest rally against a staunch ally of this country is not only an outrageous misuse of funds, but also beggars the question, what else is she using taxpayers money to fund?”

For more information contact:
Emily Gian, Media and Advocacy Director, ZFA – 9272 5528,

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