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Rockets and incendiary devices from Gaza continue to rain down on Israel’s south forcing families to flee to and remain in bomb shelters instead of going about their daily lives in peace and security.  All right minded people informed of the facts would have no difficulty in seeing the evil in Hamas’ ongoing and relentless campaign of terror.

Unfortunately the mainstream media in Australia with few notable exceptions is more interested in peddling the narrative of Gazan victimhood and Israeli aggression and the news that is read and watched by millions of Australians is distorted through this lens.  Yesterday’s Fairfax article is a classic example of that sad reality.  Instead of focussing on the source of the conflict (missiles launched from Gaza) the report fallaciously emphasises the impact on the residents of Gaza of Israel’s efforts to defend its citizens by attacking the source of the rockets.  Fairfax even managed to outdo the New York Times on this one.  The NYT is no friend of Israel ran the story reprinted by Fairfax under the headline “Renewed clashes between Israel and Gaza Interrupt talk of cease-fire”.  Dissatisfied with the relative neutrality of that headline the sub editors of Fairfax chose to run the identical story under the headline “Pregnant woman and her toddler killed in Gaza, Israel shelling”.  In the event that the story (sourced from Hamas) is true the loss of innocent life that occurred as Israel responded to Hamas missiles is truly sad but the point that Fairfax deliberately and mischievously obscures is that it is Hamas that is the aggressor and Israel is legitimately entitled to take steps to protect its citizenry from that aggression.

The Zionist Federation of Australia calls on the Australian media to act responsibly, report fairly and leave it to their readers and viewers to draw their own conclusions from the facts without being subject to distortion and manipulation designed to mask the truth.

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