Statement on Greens IHRA Stunt

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Senator Mehreen Faruqi and Senator Jordon Steele-John of the Australian Greens party announced on 9 February that they have asked university Vice Chancellors across Australia not to adopt the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism.

Zionist Federation of Australia President Jeremy Leibler slammed the Greens’ move.

Mr Leibler said “It is extremely disturbing that the Greens think it’s appropriate to dictate to the Jewish community what does or doesn’t constitute antisemitism without actually consulting with the Jewish community. This is not something that they have done or would contemplate doing to any other minority.”

Mr Leibler continued, “This comes just a few days after Greens Senator Steele-Johns stood in solidarity with the eight Palestinian terrorists killed by the IDF in Jenin on 26 January, yet remained completely silent when seven Israeli civilians were murdered the very next day.”

“Our message to the Greens is: listen – actually listen – to the concerns of the Jewish community, and read – actually read – the IHRA definition, because it doesn’t do any of the things you accuse it of doing.”

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