Statement on terror attacks and rocket fire

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The Zionist Federation of Australia strongly condemns the back-to-back Palestinian terrorist attacks which claimed the lives of three innocent people and injured at least eight more.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said “We are devastated to, yet again, emerge from Shabbat to the news of multiple terrorist attacks in Israel which killed two innocent Israeli sisters and one Italian tourist. We also strongly condemn the rocket attacks committed by Hamas operatives in Lebanon and Gaza which have forced hundreds of Israeli families into bomb shelters during Passover.”

Mr Leibler continued, “These attacks took place during the holy period of Ramadan, Easter and Passover – a sacred time that is supposed to be spent observing and celebrating in the presence of family and friends. Instead, families in Israel are running to shelters, praying next to hospital beds, and mourning over loved ones killed. It’s baffling to watch global media networks race to vilify Israel for managing the Palestinians’ use of the Al Aqsa Mosque as a launchpad for fireworks and other makeshift weaponry, while remaining silent when Israeli families are subjected to a barrage of rocket fire and frequent acts of terrorism.”

“To attempt to frame the Israeli forces as the instigators of the riots that occurred in the Al Aqsa mosque is to ignore the overwhelming video, photographic and written evidence that proves otherwise. It is clear that Hamas deliberately incited hundreds of rioters who used the mosque to stockpile weapons and launch attacks against Israel, in desecration of one of the holiest sites in the world.”

Mr Leibler concluded, “As always, the Australian Jewish Community stands in solidarity with the people of Israel and acknowledges Israel’s unequivocal right to self-defense. We extend our deepest sympathies to the victims and their families and wish the injured a speedy recovery.”

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