Statement on the rescue of “white helmets” and their families

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia praised the government of Israel and the Israel Defence Forces for facilitating the rescue of hundreds of “white helmets” and their families from Syria and their evacuation to Jordan.

President of the ZFA, Dr. Danny Lamm AM said, “Israel has continued its long tradition of worldwide humanitarian aid regardless of race, colour or creed.  When lives are at risk Israel stands ready to assist even when the effort involves rescuing people from an enemy state.”

He continued, “This operation, carried out at the request of the US, in cooperation with Jordan and with the support of Canada, the UK and Germany, shows what amazing feats can be achieved through international cooperation. It is also a continuation of the life-saving efforts that Israel has made in looking after sick and injured families from Syria, as is evident by the number of Syrian patients in Safed’s Ziv hospital and other hospitals around Israel.  Unsurprisingly, the genocidal Syrian government has condemned the Israeli-led operation underscoring the importance and urgency of the mission.”

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