Statement on UN General Assembly vote against Israel

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Dr Danny Lamm AM, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia, expressed his gratitude to Australia for voting against a United Nations General Assembly resolution which condemned Israel for the situation in Gaza. He said, “I am proud that Australia was one of the eight nations who defended Israel’s right to defend itself. I congratulate the Turnbull government for its moral leadership on such an important issue.”

He continued, “It is incredibly disappointing that we are such a minority in forum that could not even bring itself to add an amendment which would have condemned Hamas for its role in the violence”. Representatives from Australia made it very clear that they would be voting against the resolution because it failed to refer to Hamas by name or its role in the Gaza protests.

Dr. Lamm concluded, “the fact that following the resolution, Hamas tweeted a thank you out to the United Nations tells us everything we need to know about the rotting core of the United Nations. I know which side of history we would rather be on, and it is not the one where you receive praise from a genocidal terrorist organisation.”

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