ZFA Condemns Richard Falk Speaking Tour

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The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA)
has condemned a speaking tour of Australia by Richard Falk, a former “United Nations special rapporteur” for the Palestinian Territories. He is being brought to Australia by BDS Australia and given his form when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people, there is little doubt he will use the platforms provided to spruik more of his incendiary and inciteful diatribe. Alarmingly, he is due to speak at the University of Sydney and at the theatrette at NSW Parliament House.

Richard Falk’s vitriolic, antisemitic rhetoric has been condemned by British, Canadian and American leaders, former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and many other NGOs and anti-racist groups. There’s a veritable laundry list of offensive statements, articles and reports he has produced which are nothing if not consistent in their hateful, racist and antisemitic messages and images.

President of the ZFA, Jeremy Leibler said “Richard Falk is on the record openly expressing antisemitic tropes. He has compared Israel to Nazi Germany, praised terrorist group Hamas and supported the bigoted BDS Movement”.

“Falk’s speaking tour will do nothing to promote meaningful discourse and dialogue nor objectively and rationally discuss the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” Leibler continued.

While neither the NSW Parliament or the University of Sydney are formally hosting Falk, Leibler expressed concern that Falk’s views would be heard in the halls of such institutions and sought clarification for the terms and conditions of public events at said institutions. He commented, “Through being given a public platform to spout hate about the Jewish community and Israel, Falk not only perpetuates misunderstandings but also undermines multicultural harmony and tolerance in the wider community. The views of Richard Falk and others of his ilk should be relegated to the fringes of society and not be heard on the premises of mainstream institutions.”

For media enquiries please contact:

Jeremy Leibler, President: +61 417 382 387, jleibler@abl.com.au
Ariel Zohar: +61 425 872 296,
ariel@zfa.com.au or Emily Gian:  +61 418 819 161, emily@zfa.com.au

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