ZFA congratulates President-elect Isaac Herzog

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The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomed the outcome of the Presidential Election where Isaac Herzog was elected to be the 11th President of Israel.

“Mr Herzog will be a president for all Israelis”, said ZFA President Jeremy Leibler. “His refusal, whilst party leader, to engage in dirty politics, and his determination to build bridges, both within Israel and between Israel and the Diaspora have already marked out his leadership. I congratulate him and all of Israel on his appointment.”

ZFA CEO Ginette Searle concurred. “Mr Herzog has spent decades serving Israel in many different capacities. He has demonstrated an excellent understanding of the unique nature of the Australian Jewish community, and we enjoyed a close working relationship with him as Chair of the Jewish Agency. Not only has he visited Australia on multiple occasions, but we were delighted that as Chair of the Jewish Agency, he met our senior delegation in 2019, and spoke to the Australian Jewish community in a ZFA webinar last year.”

The ZFA leadership also paid tribute to Ms Peretz. “Ms Peretz has personified triumph over tragedy for so many in Israel and the Diaspora”, said Ms Searle. “She is an inspiration to so many of us. I have no doubt she will continue to serving her country with the grace she is known for.”

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