ZFA statement calling for Sydney University’s Mark Scott to resign

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia calls for University of Sydney Vice Chancellor Mark Scott to resign.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “As vice chancellor, Mark Scott has a duty of care to all students. He has failed in this duty, and so must stand down. For weeks, the anti-Israel protesters have called for an intifada and for the ethnic cleansing of Jews. The university has failed to ensure a safe environment for Jewish students and staff.”

Mr Leibler continued, “Sydney University has capitulated to the intimidation tactics of the anti-Israel protesters. These individuals brazenly ignored university rules, threatened and intimidated Jewish students, and encouraged children to chant about ethnic cleansing of Jews. And now they have been rewarded for their actions. Many of their demands have been met, with promises of further decisions down the road. Encampment members – whose basic objective is their desire to exclude Zionists from Sydney University – are invited to join a working group which will ‘operate within the formal structures of the University’. But there’s no mention in Mark Scott’s letter of the welfare of Jewish or Israeli students, and no invitation for them to join a working group.”

Mr Leibler continued, “Mark Scott has provided to the anti-Israel protesters a powerful lesson: intimidation works and hatred gets results. And he’s delivered a message to the university’s Jewish staff and students: ‘your views, your feelings and your safety don’t matter’.”

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