ZFA statement on Government’s anti-doxxing consultation period

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomes the federal government’s consultation process on proposed anti-doxxing legislation.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “Doxxing is an intimidatory tactic perpetrated by the most underhanded of people. Everyone of good conscience knows it is completely unethical, even if technology has made it possible. Societal expectations should shape technology, not the other way round, and we welcome the government’s move to update Australian legislation to maintain this balance.”

Mr Leibler continued, “When a group of activists doxxed hundreds of Jewish Australians in February, lives were turned upside down. Businesses went to the wall. Death threats were issued and people were forced to flee their homes. Anti-doxxing legislation will be of immense relief to those who were directly impacted, but it’s important to remember that the doxxing is only one aspect of the orchestrated campaign of intimidation Jewish Australians have faced in the last five months. We also have experienced physical violence and intimidation, vandalism and different forms of online coercion and intimidation.”

Mr Leibler concluded, “The ZFA will be making a submission to the Government on its anti-doxxing proposal. To that end, the ZFA is seeking input from members of the community impacted by the doxxing, to hear their perspectives. This will be an important opportunity to shape our approach, and to ensure our submission is in line with Jewish community expectations.”

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