ZFA Statement on Operation Breaking Dawn

Official Statements

The Zionist Federation of Australia stands by Israel’s right to self-defence.

After receiving credible intelligence of an imminent terrorist attack, Israel conducted an airstrike against a leader of the Islamic Jihad – a group proscribed by the Australian Government as a terrorist organisation. In response, Islamic Jihad has fired over 350 rockets into Israeli cities. Most of these have been shot down by Israel’s anti-rocket system.

Israel has responded to Islamic Jihad’s war crimes by attacking a list of targets—first- and second-tier fighters, Islamic Jihad war rooms, and places where it manufactures, stores and fires its rockets. Some of these locations are purposefully placed in civilian areas by Islamic Jihad.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “Like any other country facing an imminent terrorist attack, Israel has the right and obligation to defend itself. Israel cannot stand by while its civilians are targeted. The Australian Jewish community stands by Israel at this time, knowing that its political and military leadership do all that they can to avoid all civilian casualties. It is this quality that distinguishes Israel from its enemies.”

Mr Leibler continued, “Islamic Jihad is considered a terrorist organisation by many countries, including Australia. It is fully funded by Iran, and takes its directions from the Iranian Supreme Leader. It is Iran—not Israel and not the Palestinian people—that is seeking to inflame tensions. We acknowledge the Australian Government’s important statement reinforcing Israel’s right to defend itself.”

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