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Dr Danny Lamm, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia said:

“I was outraged to learn that UNESCO, the cultural body of the United Nations, has passed a resolution overnight which essentially denies the Jewish character of Jerusalem and in particular the Temple Mount.

What a shameful and disappointing day, yet another stain on the United Nations which has veered so far away from the foundations upon which it was built.

Perhaps UNESCO will next pronounce the world to be flat after all. ​

When the Palestinians lobbied to change their status at the UN, the fear was that they would use it to gain entry into organisations such as UNESCO, allowing for resolutions such as these to be passed.

It is disappointing that 24 countries shamed themselves by playing along with this charade. Iran, Lebanon and Qatar who all voted in favour of the motion are certainly not the countries that we in the free and democratic world are aspiring to be but I was surprised with some of the other countries that voted for like Mexico and Brazil which have large Roman Catholic populations and therefore took part in this subterfuge of their own religious tenets.

As for France, Sweden and Greece which were among the many who abstained, it is shameful that they would choose to deny the history of the region by submitting that they do not know how to respond to vicious lies about the past.

Jerusalem is and always has been the beating heart of the Jewish people. To deny Jerusalem as a part of the Jewish narrative is to suggest that the body does not need the heart in order to continue breathing.

This attempt to rewrite the history books into a work of fiction must be blocked. The truth must prevail.”

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