Statement on US withdrawal from UNHRC

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The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) is delighted with the decision by the United States to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and hopes that Australia will give serious consideration to following suit.


President Dr Danny Lamm AM said, “It has been obvious for quite some time now, that the UNHRC has lost its way. This organisation, which counts human rights luminaries such as Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Qatar and Iraq amongst its members, has an abysmal track record on Human Rights and regularly fails to call out Human Rights abuses.


He continued, “The UNHRC has an obsessive pre-occupation with Israel, which is evident in the fact that Israel is the only country with a whole article (Article 7) devoted to its alleged breaches of human rights. The ZFA also notes with appreciation the recent comments from British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson directed toward having the UHNRC stop its obsessive pre-occupation with Israel.”


Dr Lamm concluded, “The tide of indifference to the antics of the UNHRC is slowly changing and we are pleased that countries such as the US and the UK are calling out the organisation for its anti-Israel bias.  Although Australia, which now sits as a member of the Council, has not yet chosen to follow suit, we are hopeful that it will not continue to stand idly by as the hypocrisy of the Council is exposed in its regular diatribes against Israel.”

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