ZFA statement on Israeli election results

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After the fifth election in four years, it appears that Benjamin Netanyahu will have a clear path to forming a government. The Zionist Federation of Australia congratulates Mr Netanyahu on his victory and hopes that this election will steer Israel back to the path of electoral stability. The ZFA also acknowledges the substantial achievements of the outgoing Bennett-Lapid Government.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “We congratulate Mr Netanyahu for achieving a mandate to form government. We are proud of Israel’s thriving democratic system and wish the incoming government success and wisdom in steering Israel through the many international and domestic challenges it faces.”

Mr Leibler continued, “Many Australian Jews are concerned about the inclusion of Itamar Ben Gvir and his ‘Jewish Power’ party given their past statements that are inconsistent with the values of every former Israeli government on both sides of politics. We sincerely hope that these views will not form a part of the incoming government’s policies. The Zionist Federation of Australia looks forward to working with the new Israeli government to further strengthen the Australia–Israel and Israel–Diaspora relationship”.

Mr Leibler also paid tribute to the outgoing government. “The Bennett-Lapid Government should be commended for its many achievements. From carefully maintaining Israel’s security in the face of ongoing terrorism to leading the most diverse government in Israeli history to further strengthening the Abraham Accords and Israel’s presence in the region. Beyond the headlines of the coalition make-up, the Bennett-Lapid Government also achieved solid gains, having passed Israel’s first budget in three years, ended the budget deficit and reduced unemployment from over 18% in 2020 to under 3.5 per cent today.”

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