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The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomes the establishment of the new government of Israel.

ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “We congratulate Naftali Bennett on becoming the 13th prime minister of the State of Israel and every member of the Coalition on the formation of this historic Government. We hope that this Government will deliver on its promise to govern for all Israelis. It will no doubt require pragmatism and a willingness to compromise for the benefit of all citizens of the State of Israel.”

Mr Leibler also congratulated Yair Lapid. “Mr Lapid has been instrumental in establishing this government. His vision of a centrist party working with both the right and left in government has come to fruition, and he should be extraordinarily proud of his achievement.”

Mr Leibler continued, “Like the new Israeli government, the Australian Jewish community consists of a broad range of religious traditions, and hold political views stretching all the way across the left-right continuum. But we are united in wishing the new Government success in addressing the many challenges facing the State of Israel.”

“Among the new government’s many priorities will be further improving the two-way relationship with the Diaspora. Before taking office, the new government agreed it would implement the Kotel Agreement. We hope to see this achieved without delay”, said Mr Leibler.

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