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On Monday, Palestinian rioters, again violently protested along the border between Gaza and Israel. The stated aim of the “Great March of Return” is to breach Israel’s border and cause harm to Israeli civilians and soldiers.

President of the Zionist Federation of Australia Dr. Danny Lamm AM said, “The loss of life is always a tragedy. But the sole responsibility for these deaths lies with Hamas, who cynically push their people towards the border, encouraging protestors to arm themselves with guns and knives.”

He continued, “There was nothing peaceful about this protest, and any claims to the contrary are disingenuous. Unless you consider hurling firebombs and other explosive devices at Israeli troops to be a form of peaceful protest”.

As Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull aptly stated this morning, “Hamas’ conduct is confrontational. They’re seeking to provoke the Israeli defence forces… If they’re pushing people to the border in that context, in that conflict zone, you’re basically pushing people into circumstances where they are very likely to be shot at as Israel seeks to defend itself.”

Dr. Lamm concluded, “Like every other country in the world, Israel has the right to defend its borders. The alternative would be catastrophic for the citizens of Israel.”

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