Tag: terrorism

Tag: terrorism

Statement on environmental terrorism

The Zionist Federation of Australia calls upon Senator Richard Di Natale as leader of the Australian Greens to abide by its core principles and condemn the eco terrorism being perpetrated by Palestinians in Gaza against Israel.  Over the last few months, Palestinian terrorists have been engaging in wanton environmental destruction by sending incendiary devices tied […]

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Statement about Gaza

On Monday, Palestinian rioters, again violently protested along the border between Gaza and Israel. The stated aim of the “Great March of Return” is to breach Israel’s border and cause harm to Israeli civilians and soldiers. President of the Zionist Federation of Australia Dr. Danny Lamm AM said, “The loss of life is always a […]

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Sweet Hopes But A Not So Sweet Reality

And what of Mr Corbyn’s support for boycotting and delegitimsing the state of Israel? A view which – even if the Labour leader cannot see it – helps fuel anti-Semitism, since unreconstructed protest groups seamlessly conflate anti-Zionism with antipathy towards world Jewry.”

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