Tag: zionism

Tag: zionism

ZFA President responds to Tony Walker

The following is a letter sent to Tony Walker in response to his column in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald 18/04/2019, headed, “Melissa Parke incident raises difficult questions about Israel” Dear Tony, I read your column this morning and wanted to respond to several of the points you raise. While you say in the […]

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From Immorality to Illegality

7 December 2015 By Ted Lapkin Last week was a mixed bag on the BDS front, with some good, some bad and some very, very ugly. In the bad department, the National Women’s Studies Association in the US joined the conga-line of Israel bashers by voting to endorse an academic boycott with an 88.4% majority. […]

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Sweet Hopes But A Not So Sweet Reality

And what of Mr Corbyn’s support for boycotting and delegitimsing the state of Israel? A view which – even if the Labour leader cannot see it – helps fuel anti-Semitism, since unreconstructed protest groups seamlessly conflate anti-Zionism with antipathy towards world Jewry.”

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Statement on the P5+1 Iranian Nuclear Agreement

As the 60-day US Congressional review period for the P5+1 Iran nuclear agreement ticks down to a close, the ZFA reiterates its opposition to this Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). We are not alone in this view. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog have united to oppose the JCPOA. The American Israel Public […]

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