Ron Weiser’s column, May 2024

We have been through turbulent times before and each period, for those who experienced it themselves, left deep imprints. Just some examples. Following the Yom Kippur war in 1973, university campuses in Australia became uncomfortable and dangerous places for Jewish students. The Australian Union of Students proposed and promoted anti-Israel resolutions cloaked in language that […]

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The ZFA is appalled by Australia’s vote at the UN that emboldens Hamas and is out of step with our allies

The Zionist Federation of Australia is appalled by the Albanese Government’s decision to vote for the General Assembly resolution to upgrade the status of the ‘State of Palestine’ and grant it additional rights and privileges within the United Nations. ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “The Palestinians have rejected every peace plan ever offered to them. […]

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ZFA statement welcoming Prime Minister’s unequivocal rejection of ‘from the river to the sea’

The Zionist Federation of Australia welcomes the Prime Minister’s emphatic rejection of violent hate speech. Yesterday, it was reported that in a soon-to-be released documentary about the spike in antisemitism in Australia, Mr Albanese said he agreed with the assessment of former ASIO, Defence and DFAT head Dennis Richardson that the chant ‘from the River […]

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ZFA statement in solidarity with Jewish students on camp

The Zionist Federation of Australia is deeply concerned about the welfare of Jewish students on Australian campuses, and supports the Australasian Union of Jewish Students’ call to action. The AUJS statement is here. ZFA CEO Alon Cassuto said, “We warned universities last year about the manifestations of antisemitism on campuses, but the situation has gotten […]

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April update from Ron Weiser

To paraphrase Micah Goodman, the bind that Israel is in, is that to ensure its long-term existence, Israel needs to be loved by the West and yet, simultaneously, feared by its enemies in the Middle East.   Both are required.   When Israel is attacked, sympathy is with it.   We may have forgotten already, […]

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ZFA statement on Iranian attack on Israel

The Zionist Federation of Australia condemns in the harshest possible terms the Iranian attacks on Israel. ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “We stand by Israel as it comes under attack by the Iranian terrorist regime. Iran is seeking to terrorise Israel but Israelis will not be cowed. We welcome the clear international condemnation of these […]

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We cannot allow others to define Zionism

By Alon Cassuto This oped originally appeared in the Australian Jewish News on 12 April 2024 Zionism is not just a political movement; it is a symbol of pride, a beacon of hope, and a source of inspiration. It stands as testament to the power of self-determination, the miraculous journey of an ancient people who, […]

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8 April

Four IDF soldiers were killed in Khan Yunis when they were ambushed emerging from a tunnel shaft under a recently destroyed building. The body of murdered hostage Elad Katzir has been retrieved from Gaza and returned to Israel for burial. Elad had been seen alive in two propaganda videos from Islamic Jihad in December and January. After being closed since […]

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4 April

The accidental killing of Australian humanitarian worker Lalzawmi ‘Zomi’ Frankcom, along with six of her colleagues, in Gaza earlier this week is a tragedy. Israel has acknowledged responsibility for the attack, and is fully investigating what happened. The IDF statement about the incident, as well as the ZFA’s statement on the same, is below. While […]

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ZFA statement about the tragic death of Lalzawmi Frankcom

The Zionist Federation of Australia mourns the death of Australian humanitarian worker Lalzawmi Frankcom.    ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “Ms Frankcom was part of the vital humanitarian resupply efforts by World Central Kitchen. Her death is a tragedy.”   Mr Leibler continued, “Israel has acknowledged that her convoy was hit by Israeli fire and […]

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