7 December

8:45am AEDT, 7 December Tonight is the first night of Hannukah. It is also two months since the depraved Hamas attack on Israel. In that attack, Hamas attempted what it has long promised – to extinguish Jewish life from the land of Israel. In the two months since, vicious hatred of Israel, which has rushed […]

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6 December

10am AEDT, 6 December What’s happening? IDF troops are pushing deep into the northern and southern Gaza Strip, with raids on a Hamas operational headquarters in Shejaia and movement towards the centre of Khan Younis, where Hamas leaders and Israeli hostages are believed to be. Family members of hostages met with the Israeli war cabinet […]

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ZFA statement on Israel travel warning for Australia

Israel issued a warning advising Israelis to ‘excercise caution’ in Australia. The Zionist Federation of Australia is concerned by the Israel travel warning. ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “The Israeli security advice is certainly concerning. Australia remains a welcoming country but we can’t ignore the tactics of intimidation that some have used against Jews and […]

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5 December

7am AEDT, 5 December   What’s happening? Heavy fighting is reported in Khan Younis as Israeli tanks and other forces move into southern Gaza (though the fighting in northern Gaza continues) Three Israeli soldiers were killed overnight. Seventy-five soldiers have been killed since the beginning of the ground operation. Israel has issued travel warnings for […]

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4 December

8am AEDT, 4 December What’s happening? The Israeli ground operation has expanded into Khan Younis, in the southern half of the Gaza Strip, with Israel urging civilians to evacuate part of the city. Two more soldiers were killed on the weekend, bringing the number to 72 killed since the beginning of the ground operation. Since […]

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3 December

8:45am AEDT, 3 December What’s happening? The truce ended Friday afternoon Australia time, after the deadline for Hamas to produce the next list of hostages it would release expired. In the hours leading up to that deadline, Hamas fired a rocket salvo into Israel and carried out a deadly terrorist attack in Jerusalem. The US […]

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ZFA statement on resumption of ground operation

The Zionist Federation of Australia continues to stand with Israel in its difficult decision to resume the ground operation. ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “Israel has clear and moral objectives in this war – ending the terrorist organisation Hamas’s rule of Gaza and bringing home the hostages. When hostages were being returned, Israel paused its […]

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1 December

12pm AEDT, 1 December What’s happening? The truce was extended for a seventh day yesterday after Israel accepted a Hamas-produced list of eight civilians and three killed soldiers it would hand over. Hamas released the eight civilians but has yet to relinquish the bodies of the fallen soldiers. The only child hostages left in Hamas […]

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ZFA statement on Jerusalem terror attack

The Zionist Federation of Australia condemns the Jerusalem terror attack and stands with Israel. Three people were murdered when gunmen fired on civilians in Jerusalem on Thursday morning local time. ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “Yet again, the people of Israel and the Jewish people are united in mourning. Yet again, Palestinian terrorists have targeted […]

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Disgust at hotel protest

The Zionist Federation of Australia is disgusted by the protesters in Melbourne overnight who intimidated the families of hostages taken by the terrorist organisation Hamas on October 7. ZFA President Jeremy Leibler said, “There is support for the Palestinian cause, and then there is the vile, cruel intimidation of people whose loved ones have been […]

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30 November

8am AEDT, 30 November What’s happening? Today is the sixth day of the truce. Hamas is due to release 10 Israeli civilian hostages, but the release has been ‘delayed’ as this newsletter is being written. Two Russian-Israelis and a foreign national were released earlier today. Hamas has apparently expressed a desire to extend the truce […]

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29 November

11:15am AEDT, Wednesday 29 November What’s happening? The fifth tranche of hostages were released overnight, despite a breach in the truce by Palestinian fighters. They include nine Israeli women and a teenaged girl, the daughter of one of those released. The heads of the Mossad and CIA are in Qatar, negotiating Hamas’s request to extend the ceasefire. […]

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