Remembering Rabin

When Yitzhak Rabin was cut down on 4 November 1995, the shock was felt around the world. In this book, created to mark the 25th anniversary of his assassination, Australians and Israelis with a connection to Australia reflect on the life and legacy of Rabin, and how the assassination changed them personally, changed their community and changed Israel.

Some contributors to this book knew Rabin personally. Others were born only after he died. Some have a long history in the Labor movement, others come from different political persuasions. Some are religious, others not. But all were profoundly affected by the example of Rabin’s life and the lessons of his death, and all are united in understanding the importance of finding the middle ground, rejecting extremism of any kind, and implementing in their lives the examples Rabin provided.

Community leaders, academics, rabbis, youth movement activists, shlichim and philanthropists provide an insight into Rabin’s life, his decision-making, his sense of honour and mission, and into the impact on their personal and collective Zionism when a Jewish assassin murdered the leader of the Jewish state.

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