Category: ZFA in the news

Category: ZFA in the news

ZFA comment on ABC staffer tweets

Zionist Federation of Australia director of public affairs director Bren Carlill said, “Time and again the ABC produces biased content when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is thus no surprise that an ABC contractor with such abhorrent personal views has been exposed. But this issue goes beyond hiring practices, to the refusal by ABC management […]

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Making sense of the Middle East

By Dr. Bren Carlill Although it presents as a mostly arid, frequently bloody chaos of hatred and religion, the Middle East actually makes sense if you look at the big picture.   Over the last few decades, three broad groupings have coalesced in the region; the Status Quo Bloc, the Resistance Bloc and the Sunni […]

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Ensuring we don’t suffer the fate of US Jewry

By Jeremy Leibler This article originally appeared in the Australian Jewish News 26 November 2021 So much of what I’ve been reading of late bemoans the increasingly problematic relationship between American Jewry and Israel – a situation Daniel Gordis described in The New York Times as “the unravelling of American Zionism”. The article had me reflecting on […]

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The Abraham Accords’ legacy is a new Arab pragmatism

By Dr. Bren Carlill This article first appeared in the Canberra Times on 22 September 2021 Israel has had a lonely time of it in the Middle East. After seven decades of existence, it only had full diplomatic relations with two Arab countries. The rest, in solidarity with the Palestinians, boycotted the Jewish state. But […]

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